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How Can I Make Money at Home now?


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You can now start to work from home with your laptop, PC or

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Everything is done online, from your home. NO need to meet anyone. 


How does it work?


We train you to become an Online Reputation Expert within 48 hours.


You then can start to market yourself to local businesses and individuals that you already know and propose Reputation Services.


We have a wide range of Online Public Relations services. 


You find the client, we close the contract, you get 50% commission.


No other work from your side. 


You need just to keep marketing yourself as our Reputation Manager,

by contacting whoever you know and new potential clients you think of. 


We will instruct you exactly how to do it: how to approach businesses and individuals online, how to present yourself, how to offer the services,

how to match the service to the client’s needs. 


All you have to do is to start contacting potential clients, both individuals, and businesses in your area. Propose the services and make the introduction. 


Payments for services are upfront so that you get immediately your 50% commission on Paypal. 


What services you will propose : 



  • Video Marketing on Youtube and Google 

  •  Online Reputation Management 

  •  Online Reputation Repair 

  •  Negative Public Relations Campaigns



All our services are priced, starting at $ 990, this means

that you make on each sale generated  minimum of $ 500 net profit. 


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