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When Online Reputation Management really works ?



If you ask yourself when ORM ( Online Reputation Management) can be used successfully , the answer is one : only and exclusively when you have nothing negative written about you online .


Only then , if you start an online reputation management campaign , you will achieve amazing results .


In case your reputation is already damaged , by some negative articles or posts that has been published about you , you already lost the war .


You can still battle , and maybe succeed to clean a little bit ,the first two pages of Google , but its only temporary , we can guarantee you that within weeks the negative information about you will reach page one again .


You can win the battle , but you will always loose the war .


The dream that the online reputation management companies are selling you is something that will make them rich and you poor .


Because they may succeed in burying some negative search results about you , but then if you want to keep them away from the eyes of the searchers , you will need to invest more and more money on a monthly basis .


Online reputation management companies are interested in fat retainers only . You are a good monthly client for them .... without notice , you become their hostage for the rest of your life .


One fact is sure : you cannot continue to ignore the negative information about you or your company , because almost everyone will google you , before entering some kind of relationsship with you , either personal or business .


Either you decide to change your name and "become" someone else ....or if you intend to stay with you name , you have to take care of your reputation .


You are what google says you are . This is the first impression of today .


So what is really the solution ? Only one : remove permanently the negative articles from Google and the website itself hosting them .


We at are experts in this field , and the beauty is that we charge you only and exclusively after the negative link has been removed . No Upfront fees . No Monthly retainers .


In this way , you get rid , forever , of the negative search results , and can start to build your new positive online reputation .


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Online reputation management is vital for high-profile individuals and companies. A CEO’s reputation can impact company revenue. Negative search results may shape the views of your constituents and influence political races. At, we’ll help restore and protect the reputation you’ve worked hard to build.


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