What is Negative Public Relations ?


In this video tutorial you will learn about the real definition of negative public relations . Negative Online PR its a negative form of public relations that is used in order to damage the reputation of your online competitors , rivals or opponents .  Negative campaigning is used by politicians as well as businesses , at any level , starting from medium companies till multi national corporations .


Almost every big company started negative PR campaigns against their competitors . Its legal , although not ethical .   Negative Public Relations is very efficient .


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If you search on all major search engines , such as Google , Yahoo and Bing , the term :  " negative public relations " ,  you will find us immediately at the top of page one , because we are the world's leaders in negative PR.


Negative Public relations professionals present the face of an organization or individual, usually to articulate its objectives and official views on negative issues of relevance, primarily to the media. Negative Public relations contributes to the way an organization is

negatively perceived by influencing the media .



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Specific public relations disciplines include:


  • Negative Financial PR  – communicating negative financial results and business issues .

  • Negative Consumer/lifestyle PR  – gaining negative publicity for a particular product or service.

  • Crisis communication – responding in a crisis by creating negative discussions about the company in forums , blogs, consumer complaints sites , and more

  • Negative Media Relations – a public relations function that involves building and maintaining close relationships with the news media so that they can  promote negative information about a  business.


Negative Online PR incorporates journalism, creative writing and story-telling, sales, media, SEO, social media, community management, customer relations, web design and on and on. Negative Online PR efforts can have media or influencer outlets but can also be seen directly by potential customers or the consumer market. 


The most important aspect of negative public relations campaigning is to use, only and exclusively, negative information that has been published already by some reputable third party. It is 100% legal to ‘share’ already published information, also in case, it is extremely negative. This is the big secret of legal dark public relations. 


Webcide.com negative online reputation campaigns will never use fake news and false reports as a basis to the campaign. Our Negative PR experts will analyze all the negative data sources and verify that the negative information is true. 


Then we are taking this information and start to share it in hundreds of high ranking forms, like videos, images, podcasts, forum discussions, news articles, blogs, documentaries, and many more ways, and on multiple platforms, including, of course, all social media platforms. 

Webcide.com makes sure that whoever is googling the target’s name, will read-only and exclusively negative information about the person or company, subject to the negative campaigning.   



We will be more than happy to make a free live demo on Google , so that you will understand the devastating potential of negative public relations . Our Negative Public Relations team helps some of the world’s most admired brands, corporations, issues and personalities reach new heights , by lowering the influence of their direct competitors .


Negative Online Public Relations (Negative Online PR or Negative Digital PR) functions the web relationship influence among people surfing the net and it aims to make undesirable comments about an organization or company, its products, and services, negative news viewed by its target audiences and lessen its undesirable comments to a large degree.


Online negative public relations show differences from traditional public relations. One of these is associated with its platforms. Compared with traditional public relations channels (such as TV, radio and printed press), the network systems used for negative online public relations vary from search engines to social platforms. In the era of digital marketing, the major dark online public relations tools for public relations professionals and marketers such as content marketing, search engine optimization are the results of a mixture of digital technologies and negative public relations. Those approaches have become the mainstream digital marketing machines and learning to take advantage of these marketing tools is an essential part of negative online public relations strategies.



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