What is a Negative Online Reputation? 


Negative Online Reputation is just another name for A PR crisis. 


There's always a chance that you personally or your business will face a public relations crisis. It may be a small issue, like a bad review, or an arrest record that gets picked up and spread around, or a full-blown disaster, like a company lawsuit or C-suite scandal.


If your online reputation has been damaged, it means that you are affected by negative public relations.


No matter what the situation is, your business should be always properly prepared to get hit by negative PR. 


Every brand should have a crisis management plan in place, complete with appointed staff members and a clear course of action to get your reputation back on track in the fastest way possible. 


Always hope for the best but consider the worst, because of the fact that negative public relations are a dangerous fire that you cannot control if it spreads. 


As a trained PR crisis counselor, I learned early that even when things seem peachy, all outcomes should be considered in advance, in the most intelligent way. 


Thinking of each and every possible PR scenario will also help avoid the worst-case online reputation situation from occurring, as you improve decision-making through the reputation management process. 


How to fight a negative online reputation? A lot of reputation management and Negative Public Relations is about controlling the online conversation. 


Take control of page one of your Google search results! 


Get a digital advance on that by owning as much page-one real estate as possible. This includes brand keywords, building out social profiles and promoting third-party sites like Wikipedia where you can advocate positive brand sentiment. The more positive sentiment, the easier it is to squash a negative story if one comes up.


Removing negative articles and news from Google page one is not easy and suppressing them is even harder, so better to fill up the first pages of Google search results connected to your name, with information you want people to learn about you. 


Negative Public Relations are a difficult thing to control. People love to share negative information, especially about businesses or individuals they know. So that the spreading of negative news about you will happen quicker than you think and correcting the negative online reputation of yours may become a very difficult task after the negative online PR issues have developed to a larger scale due to sharing. 


Clearly, negative public relations issues can happen in both small and large organizations. When they do, the most important factor is your response.


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