Webcide.com : How to Remove Fake Google Reviews

Webcide.com : How to Remove Fake Google Reviews


Take into consideration that receiving a fake review on your Google My Business profile is not a rare occurrence at all .  You can always have a competitor placing false negative reviews , in order to destroy your good reputation , or you can get slammed by a crazy customer that is was not 100% satisfied from your services .


In fact, getting a bad review about your business , it is extremely common and something many businesses have experienced.


Both Yelp and Amazon have sued fake review posters and in New York the State Attorney General took action against 19 NY based companies involved in fake reviews back .


Legal action never stopped or prevented fake reviews from continuing to be published, nor has paying huge fines, but that doesn’t mean as a business owner there is no way to fight back.


The Webcide.com Cyber Team is the leading expert in removing negative , fake reviews and articles from the Internet .  We remove permanently bad press , negative search results and false reviews from Google search results .


Trying to have a fake Google review removed  is more frustrating than receiving the bad review , because it’ s almost impossible to remove content from the web ,  however; it is still important to make attempts to have the review removed, even though there is no guarantee that Google will take it down.


What to Do When You’ve Received a False Review about your business ?


From a general best practices view, don’t respond at all.


It’s very upsetting to receive a fake review, but how you respond is a direct reflection of your company, and securing business from a potential customer is far more valuable then getting the last word in and feel that you explained your side of the story .


While you may not be able to have the review removed by Google , but if the review is indeed fake you will not be able to actually resolve the problem for this person, because his purpose is to damage you , however; you can make it clear to other customers and prospective customers that you are aware of the review, you take what reviewers say seriously, and that as a business you are dedicated to remedying situations “like this.”   


Webcide.com Cyber Team , uses extremely unconventional methods for removing fake reviews .


If the reviews are placed in an anonymous way by your competition , they will continue to place bad reviews , after they will find our that you succeeded to remove the last ones they placed . 


It can be a loose loose situation for you , you remove and they add new ones . In such cases , we suggest you to leave the bad reviews online and explain the situation to your potential clients . 

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