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Locate Every Negative Discussion about your Brand, and your Products !



Currently there is no search engine that shows only and exclusively negative search results about the person or company searched . People need to make their private ‘due diligence’ about a person or company , before entering any kind of relationship , business or personal , before buying or selling something , before hiring , before dating , every day, over one billion personal and company’s names are searched on Google alone , mainly for finding some negative mentioning about them . 

The Webcide.com Negative Search Engine is showing you , all negative information published online about the name searched , including lawsuits, bankruptcy, legal issues , negative articles, negative comments, negative customer complaints, scam reports , fraud alerts ,negative blogs , negative forum posts , negative mentioning ,negative reviews and much more . 


With the 2016 Brand Reputation Search Engine by Webcide.com , malicious attempts to discredit or lower consumer confidence in brands on web, blogs and social networking sites can be prevented.


The Internet today offer businesses , an unprecedented opportunity to grow revenues and optimize business models. However, they also present a range of serious and continuously evolving threats that cost companies worldwide billions of dollars in revenue every year. Protecting a brand's hard-earned reputation, revenue and intellectual property online is now an essential part of company strategy.


Webcide.com Brand Reputation Search Engine is monitoring of the entire internet and allows a rapid detection of possible threats across all channels – web, online marketplaces, social media, mobile apps and file sharing / peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

The negative information is available today , on search engines , buts is very difficult to find , time consuming .


With Webcide.com Negative Search Engine , in one search , all negative data about a person or company is extracted from all major search engines and public databases , and presented to you , in the most precise and accurate way . 

Do you want to protect your brand equity: safeguards your brand’s reputation online by monitoring and removing any infringing and negative content and unauthorized webpages?


Online brand protection requires an advanced strategy based on deep insight of the threats and clear focus on return on investment . 


Regardless of the threat, Webcide.com has a comprehensive , permanent and effective solution for removing unwanted and damaging online content , webpages and websites .


The Brand Reputation Search Engine is 100% free of charge !


Webcide.com Online Brand Reputation Services combine a powerful technology portfolio with a highly skilled, professional services team to devise and execute online brand reputation strategies that combat , negative and false information published about yoru brand , counterfeiting, gray market activity and IP abuse worldwide. Webcide.com  created the online brand reputation management industry not long after the birth of Google, and we have been developing and refining our cutting edge solutions ever since.


Do you have negative online news articles under your name that you need to remove from Google Search Results? Webcide.com is the only reputation management company that removes permanenty negative information from the Internet. 


Using our comprehensive suite of sophisticated SEO technologies and enforcement services, Webcide.com will save you time and money by managing your online brand reputation program. 


When you work with Webcide.com, you get years of experience combined with innovative technology solutions.  We are the only provider that offers programs and services across the entire spectrum of online reputation management and brand reputation improvement .


In today’s competitive and complicated international marketplace, you need to work with people who are going to take this assault on your brand reputation ,  as seriously as you do.


Contact us for a free and confidential consultation at webcides@gmail.com


The " real deal " in reputation management , is first of all , to remove all your existing negative search results , because otherwise , they will continue to appear forever on page one of Google . 


Why ?  Because Google loves negative information , and they will always rank it on top !  Remember that before you start to create positive information about yourself , you first need to get rid of the old negative one . Otherwise it is a ghost that will continue to hunt you , for the rest of your life .


We can remove your negative search results , forever . Our Removals are lifetime guaranteed .


Webcide.com Negative Public Relations Services 


If you are interested to start an online negative publicity campaigns against your competitors , email us , for a free and confidential consultation . The destruction it leaves behind is often severe. As Winston Churchill once said : “A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on.”


That is ‘advantage’ with negative publicity. The very tool of publicity, the Internet, has stung back and stung deep. That is the problem with Internet. It gets word around faster than anything else. In the good old days of verbal communication, negative publicity was not the worst that could happen.


It could be quarantined. With the Internet, the only way that is possible is by plugging out the entire world.