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Webcide Negative Search Engine : advanced search engine for gathering negative online information , anonymous search engine , article search engine .


The Negative Search Engine is showing you , all negative information published online about the name searched , including lawsuits, bankruptcy, legal issues , negative articles, negative comments, negative customer complaints, scam reports , fraud alerts ,negative blogs , negative forum posts , negative mentioning ,negative reviews and much more .


Online Reputation Managements companies try to supress negative search results about their clients from the public eye , and they bury the negative data , behind page 4 , that usually ,nobody will ever reach , they do so by publishing hundreds of positive information about their client , and then apply search engine optimization methods for promoting those positive posts and rank them on the first 2 pages of Google .


Those days are gone . Reputation Search Engine disregard positive information and collect only negative information and present everything on page one .


From now on , who is searching for general information will use Google , and who needs to find real , updated ,accurate , precise, reliable negative information about a person will use Reputation Search Engine . Online Reputation Management , is a leader in the field of Negative Public Relations and if you google now , the search term " Negative PR" , you will see that we are positioned at the top of page one , because we are the leading authority .


The Reputation Search Engine , developed by can be used for background checking , business due diligence , online brand protection , cyber information security and more .


Its 100% free of charge and no registration is needed .



Build your Google Reputation

Put your best face forward online


  • Own branded search results

  • Improve ratings & reviews

  • Promote positive content

  • Protect against negatives


A better reputation tends to result in more opportunity. Better PR, positive online content, and glowing earned reviews result in a line of defense against negative content.


  • Improved reviews and better star-ratings

  • Negative content removal

  • Negative content suppression

  • Positive content creation and publication

  • SEO reputation management of positive content



More than 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine query, and nearly 73% of consumers trust search engines when evaluating the reputation of a brand. Building a strong search engine profile is a critical part of any online reputation management strategy. 


Review management

Part of the development of an accurate and glowing online brand includes the development and curation of public opinion in the form of improved reviews. The difference between a 4-star and 5-star rating can mean hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue.


Wikipedia page development

For brands that enjoy a level of notability deserving of a Wikipedia page, we often create or manage one. For brands that have not yet attained that level of public attention, but would like to, we have programs that slowly build online prominence, creating an environment where a Wikipedia page makes sense.


SEO Reputation Management

When good news languishes in branded search results far from the spotlight, we can help. SEO programs identify viable content for search promotion, perform influencer outreach, off-page SEO, and more to cause positive information to move up in search results.



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