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The Webcide.com Reviews  online defamation program has substantial experiencing assisting victims who are subjects of false reviews on the internet.  It is not uncommon for companies to pay for false positive reviews regarding themselves, or to post false negative reviews concerning their competitors on the internet.  


Webcide.com reviews ,  has developed a host of technical and legal methods to help our clients in these situations.


Our team will work with you to assess the reviews and determine the best route for your business. 


The research firm of Webcide.com , estimates that by 2021, 60 to 75 percent of social media reviews would be fake, paid for by companies.


While companies and people are hurt by negative publicity on the web – we have the technology and tools to fight the negative reputation and produce positive results for you!

We are experts in reputation management for crypto companies, digital currency trading companies, forex companies and international companies.


We offer a clear solution – professional reputation management that will erase the negative reputation, eliminate the negative reputation and balance

the results on the network


We are experts in restoring reputation and fostering a positive reputation for businesses, professionals, public figures and executives.


We are experts in the treatment of victims of negative reviews, defamation and slander.

We improve business results by building a positive reputation.


We conduct online reviews and content.


We protect against negative campaigns, slander and defamation.

We help companies and businesses increase revenue

by controlling Google search results.


We fight damaging articles, negative reviews, and offensive content.


There is and high percentage of online reviews are actually fake today, there continue to be a large number of false reviews online, many from competitors

or drafted on their behalf.


With the crackdown on false reviews, many people have gotten better at knowing how to make false reviews sound real and genuine.


Our reputation management strategies work! With over 15 years of experience, we've been able to help hundreds of people and companies remove offensive content from Google and restore their reputation.


We specialize in removing offensive / sensitive online information. We helped thousands of people and businesses correct the negative impression. We deliver results!


Thus, some are employing advanced strategies – and sometimes other network of paid people – to help them stand out among the competition in a particular industry.


A few well know reputation management companies are running those kind of fake review sites and place dozens of positive reviews about their clients .


The best way to know something about a company is to check Yelp . There you will be able to understand if the company is a scam , if they got a lot of comsumer complaints , and check how many negative reviews they have .