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Negative Investor relations was our founding discipline. Online Reputation Management it the World's Number 1 Authority in Negative Online PR , for the business, financial and political sectors .


We advise clients on best practices across the full range of investor-relevant negative communication and negative campaigning .As you may know , Wall Street Stock Prices can be affected using 100% legal methods connected to negative online PR .


Investors have all the data they can use. We make sure that they will find also the negative data about a company . What they need is a simple narrative telling how a company will not be able to create value for its investors – and how that value will never be deployed.


Milestones, time frames, orders of magnitude and degrees of risk support the narrative. We help create negative narratives that best reflect a company’s potential to loose money .

Investor relations professionals need to be constantly cultivating new investors ready to step in as current shareholders depart.


Through Negative PR campaigns , prevent this to happen .Wall Street Stock Prices can be easily influenced using ethical but extremely aggressive , negative PR campaigning .


Modern data base management makes it easier to identify attractive prospects, but those prospects are often flooded with competing negative messages. makes sure that prospects of your competitors will read only and exclusively negative information about the company.

We adopt sophisticated messages and tactics that break through the clutter to make a bad first impression of the competitors .


Negative Investor relations , released by take place both in individual communications and in events: road shows, investor conferences, annual meetings, webcasts, press releases, conference calls, and more. .


How best to tell a company’s negative story? is the leader in this field .


We use every possible negative information , in reports, regulatory filings, media coverage, meetings, presentations, site visits, blogs, apps, tweets and more, in order to transform them in a giant negative PR campaign .


Investors demand more and more information from companies about their expectations for future performance, but for most companies, the business outlook remains cloudy and we take full advantage of it .


Each new regulatory constraint defines more sharply what can (or must) be said, when, how and to whom. We help companies provide useful negative information about their competitors within today’s economic and regulatory environment.


Bad investor relations executives continually assess investor thinking. From time to time, third party surveys usefully complement these negative assessments, particularly when asking investors who don’t currently own a company’s shares about corporate strategy, performance and communication.


We conduct competitor’s surveys and publish them .


Computer-driven programs now account for most trading in most stocks. This can increase share price volatility and distort companies’ market valuations.


We help companies to identify the market forces at work in their competitor’s shares, to apply tactics that can maximise some of the consequences of automated trading, and disconnect competitor’s companies from their real, non-algorithmic investors.


We are The Wall Street Stock Prices Manipulators . Feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation at