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Wall Street Media Manipulation : generate profits to investors and shorters , by stimulating fear about a certain company , but this works only because the information spread is credible , accurate , verified and true . We base our negative campaigns only and exclusively on already published content , coming from top level financial sources and media websites . 

If for example , there is a negative information , that has been already published online , by a leading financial media , its 100% legitimate to share this information , thousands of times , over thousands of websites , forum , blogs , articles , and more . A huge negative campaign like this , may damage , the price of a stock , quite easily . 

In this case , you did not published any misleading information , you just shared a negative information already published by a verified source , and this is 100% legal . are experts in this field . abide by a robust code of ethics and rigorous standards of professional conduct are more likely to put their clients’ interests first and exercise their fiduciary duty.


If you google the search term " negative public relations " or "negative PR " , you will see that is the leading firm in this field .  We are the World's Number one authority in online negative campaigning .


Our reality is carefully constructed by powerful corporate, political and special interest sources in order to covertly sway public opinion.


The practice of manipulating and controlling public opinion with distorted media messages has become so common that there is a whole industry formed around this.


The entire role of this brainwashing industry is to figure out how to spin information to journalists, similar to the lobbying of government. It is never really clear just how much truth the journalists receive because the news industry has become complacent.


The messages that it presents are shaped by corporate powers who often spend millions on advertising with the six conglomerates that own 90% of the media:  General Electric (GE), News-Corp, Disney, Viacom, Time Warner, and CBS. Yet, these corporations function under many different brands, such as Fox, ABC, CNN, Comcast, Wall Street Journal, etc, giving people the perception of choice.


How do you separate fact from fiction? You cannot .


Here is a summary of only a small part of Media Manipulation tactics.


Once you’re aware of them, you will notice just how popular they have truly become:


  • Creating of Wikipedia pages, monitored by corporations.

  • Creating a social media presence, including Facebook and Twitter accounts, run by paid professionals.

  • Secretly funding non-profit organizations to create third-party support and web presence.

  • Search engine optimizing web pages such as blogs and third-party sites that support a specific agenda.

  • Financing industry research that is deceitfully presented as independent opinion.

  • Funding experts working on unrelated projects, while in reality creating paid consultants.


These methods are used to give people the impression that there is widespread support for an agenda, when, in reality, one may not exist.


Jim Cramer described activities used by hedge fund managers to manipulate stock prices—some of debatable legality and others illegal. He described how he could push stocks higher or lower with as little as $5 million in capital when he was running his hedge fund. Cramer said, "A lot of times when I was short at my hedge fund...When I was positioned short—meaning I needed it down—I would create a level of activity beforehand that could drive the futures." He also encouraged hedge funds to engage in this type of activity because it is "a very quick way to make money."


Cramer stated that everything he did was legal, but that illegal activity is common in the hedge fund industry as well. He also stated that some hedge fund managers spread false rumors to drive a stock down: "What's important when you are in that hedge-fund mode is to not do anything remotely truthful because the truth is so against your view, that it's important to create a new truth, to develop a fiction."Cramer described a variety of tactics that hedge fund managers use to affect a stock's price.


Cramer said that one strategy to keep a stock price down is to spread false rumors to reporters he described as "the Pisanis of the world." The comment was a reference to CNBC correspondent Bob Pisani, who reports from the trading floor of the New York Stock Exchange. "You have to use these guys," said Cramer. He also discussed giving information to "the bozo reporter from The Wall Street Journal" to get an article published.Cramer said this practice, although illegal, is easy to do "because the SEC doesn't understand it."During the interview Cramer referred to himself as a "banking-class hero."


Yes, you are playing liar’s poker at the Wall Street casino. So how do know Wall Street’s lying?


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