Jennifer Donahoe, public relations and social media account director at Planit, considers Burger King a PR loser for its for multiple blunders this year. Most graphic, however, was the video showing rats skittering about on its hamburger buns. 


Want to go viral? Rats in fast-food joints will do it every time. This video garnered almost 1 million views, 24,000 shares as well as national and international pickup from outlets such as The Daily Mail, Men’s Health,, and Yahoo News, Donahoe notes.


“Not only did the brand lose first mover advantage,” Donahoe says, “but its response and messaging was sterile, deficient of any care and clear steps taken to prevent to prevent further issues—both critical in maintaining trust with their customer base.”


Let’s not forget Burger King’s offer of rubles and a lifetime of free Whoppers to Russian women impregnated by World Cup stars. Burger King (stop me if you’ve heard of this tactic) apologized. is the leader in Negative Viral Video Campaigns . 


There are dozens of ways to start a negative PR campaign against a company , but videos are by far , the most efficient and convincing way to spread bad information about your enemies . 


People share negative videos easily .  The rumor is spreading so fast . 


If a picture is worth a thousand words , so a video is worth a thousand pictures . 



By the way , we did not produced any new content about her , it was all collected on Youtube and edited in a viral way . 


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