How Video marketing can promote your website's ranking , brand awareness and profits ?

How to create  a brand awareness campaign ?

Video is generating about $24 CPM on average; that’s five to ten times more than normal display advertising can generate. So everybody’s trying to get their hands on more video. The problem is that video production is so expensive and so time-consuming. You need to really invest a lot of resources to scale up a video team. Not everybody has those resources, and even those who do have the resources—there’s a certain limit of how many videos that they can generate on a daily or monthly basis.


Using video technology, we enable them to keep up with the fast-paced new webpages cycle and just create a video for almost every new content page on their website,  in a very quick, easy, and cost-efficient way. Turns your Website , into Easy-to-Digest  , high ranking Videos . 


Why video is better than text webpages ?

Videos are processed by the brain 60,000 times faster than text content, so I do think that it does give a certain advantage when consuming content, especially when there’s so much content to consume today.  video technology  is able to create a visual story from pure and unstructured text . has developed a technology that turns text-based articles, blogs, webpages, and more , into high quality , short videos . 


The videos are search engine optimized ,using our advanced video programming methods ,  in order to secure high Google Rankings ( page one for  Google ‘video’ results)  , the video campaigns are targeting, a specific list of keywords .


The high quality videos produced by , can publish on your  site—it’s important to say that all of those videos are branded to the look and feel of the site, so it actually looks like it was produced by your in-house video production team, in terms of the graphics and everything—and when we publish those videos , they are published on your video sharing sites , like Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo .


Contact us for a  free and professional consultation on your video marketing strategies , we will be happy to make for you a free demo on Google , producing a few branded videos for you and rank them on Google .