The Ultimate Guide to Negative Public Relations in 2019


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Discover how to use negative public relations to increase the negative visibility of your competitor's brand , and drive views to your negative online campaigns.


Although Negative PR and Negative Marketing are very similar in their actions, they have different goals. The main goal of negative public relations , is to boost the bad reputation , of your competitor’s  brand.


It  always have a impact on sales, and typically includes indirectly promoting your competitor’s brand ,through activities, like press release writing , blogs, . On the other hand, the main goal of a negative marketing campaign , is to drive down sales. Instead of improving someone’s perception of a business, negative marketing strategies  , focus on driving down revenue , and lowering profits of your competitors .


Goals of  Negative Public Relations Campaigns


First of all : Generate Thousands of Negative Brand Mentions


Negative Brand mentions  are created when someone negatively mentions your competitor’s  brand in their earned media coverage. They’re often built  ,when news publications cover a negative  story, without linking to your competitor’s  website , in order not to create more traffic to their website .


While these are great for building negative brand awareness, there’s just one issue with bad brand mentions: They can be difficult to track.


Luckily, tools like Mention scan the internet for any reference of a business’s name. With online tools, you can discover how many people covered the negative PR campaign — and where.

Generally, a high volume of bad brand mentions equals a successful strategy — more people are negatively talking about your rivals !


Are you ready to start turning the wheels on a new negative public relations strategy? Awesome! We can’t wait to read about your enemy’s brand in the news.

However, there’s one thing you should keep in mind: Negative PR is an ongoing strategy and not a one-off task.


Just like negative reputation building, it can take a while to see results.


But with a solid strategy and a commitment to spreading the word about your competitor’s company, you’ll soon see much more bad mentions,  and general negative buzz. And that’s a great way to destroy permanently  a memorable brand.