Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management Secrets

In this article we will expose you all the most well kept secrets of the online reputation management industry .


All scams are exposed .  We will show you what they really do for you , and we speak about all the best reputation management companies you may know .


First big lie is that you are 100% sure that they have the best SEO people working for them , real experts in online reputation management that will be able to suppress any negative information about you that can be found on Google . 


Well , the real story is that they outsource most of their work to Indian companies , they choose the cheapest one around , because the work to be done is so simple and stupid that a six years old child can do .


How they pretend to bury negative webpages ?  Their "technology" is restricted to signing up for a bunch of websites , hoping that it will outrank the negative .


We will reveal you in this article a list of websites they use , in our next articles, we will disclose additional ones .


Signing up for the below websites is time-consuming, but you can do it by yourself , you do not need to pay thousands of dollars for these simple procedures .


A few websites are not enough to suppress a negative website or article, you need at least 100 or more .You should sign up for each one of them , to the websites below mentioned,and take into consideration that its simple ….you do not need to be a computer savvy , in order to do it .


The reputation management companies will tell you that its not enough , that they 'create' backlinks to that webpages the sign you up…. The real truth is that Google is now after all those ORM companies because of their spam linking methods ….better not to use any kind of backlinks at all .  


Sign up for up to 20 websites below at first, then up to 10 websites at least every 2 weeks. If you sign up for too many websites too quickly, Google will think it is spam.


This is also the reason you can do it by yourself , because you can do it gradually , work on it once a week .


Please visit the following websites , sign up , write there as much as you can under your profile.


1. LinkedIn

2. Twitter

3. Viadeo

4. Xing

5. Wordpress

6. About.Me

7. Ziggs

8. BusinessCard2

9. Multiply

10. Emurse

11. BigSight

12. VisualCV


14. Ryze

15. Gather

16. Posterous

17. PeoplePond

18. Ziki

19. Flavors.Me

20. Pro-On-The-Web

21. Publr

22. Blogger

23. Tumblr


25. CVShare

26. Konnects

27. Connectture

28. Scribd

29. RealMee

30. Wapr

31. LookUpPage

32. Entrepreneur

33. BigThink

34. Hi.Im

35. Weebly

36. Netvibes

37. IdentyMe

38. DooID

39. Worky

40. FastCompany

41. Plaxo

42. Swimwire

43. BrazenCareerist

44. SocialURL

45. DocStoc

46. Zoominfo

47. PartnerUp

48. Ecademy

49. Biznik

50. Focus


52. HotFrog

53. Merchantcircle

54. Twitter

55. CompanyPond

56. Qapacity

57. Wordpress

58. Businesscard2

59. Ziki (Company Section)

60. Entrepreneur

61. Tumblr

62. Scribd

63. Posterous

64. BigSight

65. Multiply

66. Netvibes


68. Yola

69. Pro-On-The-Web

70. Weebly

71. LookUpPage (Company Account)

72. VisualCV

73. Publr

74. Ziggs

75. About.Me

76. GoogleSites

77. Companies | Xing (Have to make an Individual Account 1st, Make sure to fully fill out the page. Need a Picture to get Approved)

78. Manta

79. Konnects

80. Blogger

81. DocStoc

82. Wetpaint

83. Bizwiz

84. TheGuardian

85. CVShare

86. Slideshare


88. Jigsy

89. Goonto

90. JigSaw

91. Venture Beat Profiles

92. Squidoo

93. InCompany

94. RepVine

95. Quora

96. Business Exchange

97. Focus

98. BigThink

99. SocialURL

100. Carbonmade

101. Facebook

102. Google+


We can guarantee you that after you will get registered with the above mentioned websites , within a few weeks , you will start to see amazing changes on you search results.


However, make no mistakes about it : the negative information about you ,maybe will be pushed out for a while, but will be back on the first two pages of Google within a short period .