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How to remove negative information from the Internet ? How to remove negative search results from Google ?


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Webcide.com Reputation Search Engine is based on powered by Google , the only difference is that we deliver only and exclusively negative search results such as : lawsuits , , bankruptcy filing , arrest records , past and present legal issues , negative articles, negative comments, negative customer complaints, scam reports , fraud alerts ,negative blogs , negative forum posts , negative reviews and much more .


Online Reputation Managements companies try to supress negative search results about their clients from the public eye , and they bury the negative data , behind page 4 , that usually ,nobody will ever reach , they do so by publishing hundreds of positive information about their client , and then apply search engine optimization methods for promoting those positive posts and rank them on the first 2 pages of Google .


Those days are gone .


Webcide.com Reputation Search Engine disregard positive information and collect only negative information and present everything on page one .


From now on , who is searching for general information will use Google , and who needs to find real , updated ,accurate , precise, reliable negative information about a person will use Webcide.com Reputation Search Engine .


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The best way to handle negative online public relations is to remove permanently negative information about you or your company from your Google search results. 


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