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Online Reputation Management Companies that contact you and promise Help, May Become Your Worst Nightmare .


Reputation Management SEO companies have even threatened their own customers keep paying, or the Reputation Management  SEO company will create even MORE complaints about you! 


This is shocking, but we have heard these stories over and over again.


Many have told us that they are afraid to post anything negative about these ORM companies, in fear of retaliation as many have been threatened.


The moment you have some negative information about you online, the leading ORM companies will contact you . Dont let that friendly salesperson fool you, you are just a target for them .   


The moment you contact them , once the Reputation Management SEO company knows who you are and knows that your business is worried about online attacks, they know you are vulnerable. 


Armed with that knowledge, Reputation Management SEO companies may even engage in digital extortion by creating more negative content about you , without admitting that they are the generators ,while others , unscrupulous may start threatening you directly telling you that they will create more false complaints about you unless you continue paying them. 


Some companies market themselves using dozens of different names because they end up blackmailing customers forcing them to continue to pay them, threatening they will make things worse.


Many SEO companies cannot even hide negative complaints about themselves from the Internet so they have to keep changing their name.


One leading company changed its domain name because the original one received to many negative reviews ….we do not want to make names .


Online Reputation Management is the new  clean "digital extortion" .


Are you thinking about hiring a Reputation Management Company or an SEO company to help "repair" your reputation or hide negative complaints? WARNING!


Again , its a total waste of time,money and efforts .


Do you want an online proof ?  Its easy , pick up some known companies in the field of online reputation management ,  then google those search terms :


1 . " name of the company  scam "


2. " name of the company  ripoff report " 

or just visit  and make a search on their website , searching for the name of the company .....


You will discover that there are a lot of complaints about the ORM company you are searching for comes that they did not succeded to remove the negative complaint about them .


The usual excuse is : "competitors has published those complaints in order to damage us " - So what ?  Why can't you remove it from the Ripoff Report website or from Google ?


There is only one solution : remove this search result directly from its source , that means the website hosting them , or from Google , using a court order that will force Google to de-index this webpage from their search results .  does not believe in SEO tricks that can eventually bury negative search results , they remove search results from Google , using  sophisticated and proven legal procedures .


95% of Prospects who encounter negative results within  5 seconds of a search, will not look further


Over 70% of Americans will look at product reviews before making any purchase


Conversion rates increase by more than 60% where positive reviews are present


Online reputation and social proof has the biggest impact on customer decision-making


Having negative press stick to Google search results is harmful to your  conversion rates and revenue


Fixing and maintaining this aspect is crucial to succeed in today’s digital world


Spending money on advertising while ignoring bad reviews is a major waste of ad dollars


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