Negative Public Relations War of Uber and its competitor : Didi Chuxing

The Negative Public Relations War of Uber and its competitor : Didi Chuxing



China’s Uber-competitor Didi Chuxing (formerly Didi Kuaidi), which in the past few years has morphed from a taxi-hailing app into a full fledged ride-hailing app with private cars, has lately experienced the same problem that has afflicted Uber : NEGATIVE PUBLIC RELATIONS !


And what is the cause ? Namely, the bad nature of hundreds of thousands of drivers.


Over the past week the story of a Didi driver murdering a female passenger in the southern city of Shenzhen has reverberated around Chinese social media.


A teacher hailed a car from her school on May 2 and was later robbed and killed. Didi helped police track down the 24-year-old driver the next day.


About a month before the murder, Chinese media said the local Shenzhen government required Didi and other ride-hailing apps to improve background checks on drivers after it found more than 3,000 drivers in the city had a history of drug use and ‘significant’ criminal records.


The homicide follows a string of recent incidents involving Didi drivers, of which 14 million work in China.


In April, a Guangzhou Didi driver was sentenced to prison for raping a passenger. A month before, a Didi driver in Wuhan was sentenced to eight years for the rape and robbery of a female passenger.


Uber has also faced criticism for its drivers, on multiple occasions .


It is a truth of the sharing economy that hundreds of millions of contractors are impossible to manage.

Thousands of Uber and DIDI drivers are producing thousands of negative press reports , and the way its structured , both companies will continue to suffer from a huge negative PR problem .


Believe IT OR NOT ! At the same time it’s generating negative publicity, Didi is reportedly close to raising $2 billion from its backers at a $25 billion valuation, up from a previous $16 billion valuation earlier this year.


Didi is said to be losing more than $1 billion a year as it faces off against Uber for market share.


Didi is winning so far with more than two-thirds of China’s ride market but Uber is expanding quickly in the country that CEO Travis Kalanick says is its top overseas priority.


There is an online war between the two companies , and they are try to generate as much as possible negative PR , once against each other .


The moment you read too much negative information about one of them , you will immediately choose the other company .


The name of the game now is how to develop the worst online reputation , about each company .

Both are lucky to have enough negative content updated on a daily basis , because of criminal cases , that involves their drivers .


The main question now is how to bring up this negative information , so that readers will find it online on page one of Google and will be afraid to use the company’s services .


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