The Negative Public Relations of  Stroeer SE & Co KGaA (SAX:GR)



Ströer went public in 2010 as a Germany-based operator of billboards, with the founders Dirk Ströer and Udo Müller floating 47.8% of the company’s shares – they still hold about 42% of the shares today.


Muddy Waters , it’s a financial firm, a real expert in shorting quoted companies , what we like it that Muddy Waters , refuses to be deterred by the financial marketplace's insider titans. They speak truth to power, even when the message is unpopular or threatening to the status quo, and often when nobody else is willing to do so.


They are experts in negative financial PR . Muddy Waters knows how to use the power of negative online public relations, in order to influence the stock prices of the companies they decided to short .

They base the negative campaigning on publications on wide financial researches , most of them are 100% reliable .


They are shorting now Stroeer SE & Co KGaA (SAX:GR) . And their online negative campaigning is extremely efficient .


This is what they say about them : When we scratch the surface at Ströer, we see a company that to us appears far less successful in online than the market seems to think. Moreover, we see a company whose insiders have spun a great story, but with seemingly little substance; and, while telling the story, have engaged in more highly questionable self-dealing than we’ve ever seen outside of a Chinese company. That’s why we’re short Ströer.


They propose to the public  to download full reports about the targeted company , that is Stroeer SE & Co KGaA (SAX:GR) , and after seeing the reports , we understand that Muddy Waters Research are indeed experts in negative public relations . is working with a few financial institutions , generating negative investor relations , but we must admit that Muddy Waters , use advanced methods , we never used before .


Negative Investor Relations Services by


Negative Investor relations was actually leading discipline.


We advise financial clients on best practices across the full range of investor-relevant negative communication and negative campaigning .


We help create powerful negative narratives , that best reflect a company’s potential to loose money .


Modern data base management makes it easier to identify attractive prospects, but those prospects are often flooded with competing negative messages. makes sure that prospects of your competitors will read only and exclusively negative information about the targeted company.


Negative Investor relations , released by take place both in individual communications and in events: road shows, investor conferences, annual meetings, webcasts, press releases, conference calls, and more.


We inject negative data and researches , wherever it may damage the targeted company .  We are there to harm the company’s reputation , in every possible legal form .


We use every possible negative ( but verified)  information , in reports, regulatory filings, media coverage, meetings, presentations, site visits, blogs, apps, tweets and more, in order to transform them in a giant negative PR campaign .   Just one single negative information , that nobody will notice , we transform it into a huge reputation crisis case .


Investors demand more and more information from companies about their expectations for future performance, but for most companies, the business outlook remains cloudy and we take full advantage of it .


We help companies provide useful negative information about their competitors within today’s economic and regulatory environment. And we do it in a fully legal way , exactly as Muddy Waters is doing it now with Stroeer SE & Co KGaA (SAX:GR) . 


We do conduct competitor’s surveys and publish them . Similar reports to those published by Muddy Waters , are published and promoted by .


Muddy Waters, LLC is a pioneer in on-the-ground, freely published investment research.  Those free financial reports are one of the strongest negative PR tools available for damaging the reputation of a traded company and to drive the stock price down .


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