The Hidden Truth about Negative PR


Negative Online PR is very similar to traditional Online PR in the sense that it’s about influencing people rather than buying placement for brand content. The Negative influence could result in a story in a magazine, newspaper or blog. It could also result in other online pick-up, including social media.


With Negative online PR, traditional media brands may still be a target, but often Negative online PR targets online properties, along with an array of other platforms and networks, from search to social. The methodology of Negative online PR has adapted to the platform–forming a need to garner real-time analytics, news, influence, social, search and other signals, alongside wait-n-pray tactics.


Influence who , with Negative online PR?


•Columnists & traditional writers (just like traditional PR)

•Bloggers: personal & professional

•Websites & brand sites

•Twitter users (based on their followings and interests)

•Social media users: Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, SU, Reddit, etc

•Awards, events and exhibitions

•Directories, lists and organizations

•Web searchers


Basically, Negative online PR involves activities geared towards influencing in a negative way media, communities and audiences that exist solely on the Internet using online channles. That includes search engines, blogs, news search, forums, discussion threads, social networks and other online communication tools. Online Brand reputation is also a focus area for Negative online PR.


The outreach for Negative online PR may be both direct & indirect — from employing hashtags and keywords, alongside email and snail mail. At the heart of Negative online PR is story-telling. This is never going away; Story-telling and quality content helps position and pollinate stories for absorption, both online and off.

Are online Negative PR tactics appropriate for any business? The use of Negative Online PR , is legal , if done in a proper way , although its not ethical , so that not every company is ready to take such steps against their competitors .


As with all marketing tactics, a company should really consider the overall marketing strategy and choose the appropriate mix of tactics that will support the execution.. The mix of those online PR tactics along with integration with Negative PR tactics can be very powerful.


Each PR agency approaches Negative online PR differently. There are a wide variety of tactics and proportions — with some favoring search while others favor online editorials. The disciplines comprising Negative online PR can range from journalism, creative writing and story-telling, sales, media, SEO, social media, community management, customer relations, web design and on and on.


Negative Online PR efforts will be seen directly by potential customers or the consumer market. The forms and structure those communications take may vary, but they include social media and distributed releases — along with various forms of online storytelling.


The most important negative online PR resource you can have is a talented PR pro that can research negative story opportunities and persuasively pitch both online journalists and bloggers accordingly.


Negative Online PR Channels


These online channels may be of great use to PR companies interested to start a negative PR campaign for a client :

•Industry websites

•Niche or topical websites


•Influential social media accounts

•Media-sharing websites & social networks, including Youtube and Flickr

•Forums: Topic-focused, industry-related and niche


•Twitter feeds

•Google Plus: events, hangouts and other groups

•Linkedin: news and groups

•Social media & bookmarking websites

•Personal blogs with niche audiences


What skills, knowledge and contacts are important for Negative online PR practitioners?


Like SEO, negative online PR requires a mix (although in a different order of priority) of social, creative, persuasive and technical skills. Developing relationships with online publication editors and bloggers is also particularly useful. is the World’s leader in negative public relations .


If you need to start a negative PR campaign against your competition , contact us for a free and confidential consultation .