Negative Public Relations

Manipulation of Share Prices using Negative Public Relations


Investors can get good information from pieces published by investor relations firms, brokerage houses and independent research companies. Using all of these sources will provide information and perspectives that can help you make better investing decisions . generate profits to investors and shorters , by stimulating fear about a certain company , but this works only because the information spread is credible , accurate , verified and true . We base our negative campaigns only and exclusively on already published content , coming from top level financial sources and media websites .


If for example , there is a negative information , that has been already published online , by a leading financial media , its 100% legitimate to share this information , thousands of times , over thousands of websites , forum , blogs , articles , and more . A huge negative campaign like this , may damage , the price of a stock , quite easily .


In this case , you did not published any misleading information , you just shared a negative information already published by a verified source , and this is 100% legal . are experts in this field . does not use published content of a Wall Street analyst who is even partially compensated by trading generated by the report. may use content generated by fee-based research firm that is paid a flat monthly rate with no "performance" bonus.We help short traders to produce investor's frustration with the share price continuing downward that will end up in capitulation where as many long traders as possible ,just give up and sell their shares.

We are acknowledged as a leader in Negative PR advisory, with a long track record spanning the full spectrum of financial, corporate and negative investor communications.


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