How to take out from the web negative articles

How to take out from the web negative articles .


Did you got arrested and a few extremely bad articles has been written about you and the crime committed ?  You can choose to live with this criminal online reputation forever , or you can take strong actions against the publishers and remove the articles from their website , using aggressive procedures .


Why aggressive ? Because this is the only way to get rid of your negative search results ?  You have been damaged by somebody , why don’t let them feel what is the feeling of having a bad online reputation too ? has no limits in handling bad people that does not mind about the fact that they destroy entire families with their negative articles .


We will always find some piece of negative information about the publishers and will start to create thousands of articles , blogs and forums about them , let them feel how a reputation can be destroyed online for the rest of your life .


Everything is done in the most legal way , every step is monitored by our legal department , we will create extremely negative reputation for a publisher that is not willing to remove the content , we asked him to remove , but this is done in a 100% legal way .


We do not invent negative information about them , we are not in the pure defamation business , at all . We usually use negative information published about them , by some third parties , reliable sources .  For example , we can find that the wife of the publisher , got arrested 5 years ago , for driving under alcohol influence . 


We will take this little piece of info and duplicate it in thousands of ways , publishing in all over the internet .


Believe us that , whoever became a victim of our powerful negative campaigns , removed immediately the negative articles and webpages published about a person ,  and even promised to never publish again any piece of content bearing our client’s name .


We are working with the best internet lawyers , that engage in aggressive legal actions against the publishers of the negative articles .  We bring them to court , let them spend thousands of dollars in order to defend themselves ,  and then let the entire world know that they has been sued for online defamation .


We do whatever is needed , in order to guarantee the removal of negative articles and content from the internet .  Our clients are top level PR agencies , politicians , CEOs , VIPs , Hollywood actors and more . 


Everybody knows that when something dirty has been published about you , we are the only ones that can remove it .


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