How to take down negative Information from the Web

How to take down negative Information from the Web


News publications present are a strong challenge when it comes to online information removal.  Most of the news websites , will never remove an article published .  The chances that you will get a court order that will force the website to remove the bad news about you , are almost zero .


Not only do most news organizations tend to be extremely protective of their writers and reporters , but they also does not hesitate to invoke the First Amendment whenever legal action threatens to remove something they’ve published.


Who cares about a negative article ? 


Well the problem is that Google loves to rank on page one all the negative information related to you or your business , this is how they work .


The real danger is the spread of bad news through other various online channels such as social media , makes news content removal and suppression seem nearly impossible, particularly if you go  the legal way .


Taking the right steps to remove negative news articles from Google and the Internet , many times requires finding  legal and editorial loopholes; a process that can cause you a significant amount of time, money and huge efforts .


Fortunately,  the Cyber Security team , designed bad news removal processes ,  that help you restore your name and your brand online quickly and effectively by technically removing bad press from the Internet .

How to take down negative Information from the Web