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Stock Prices Manipulation : The Lure and Squeeze method.

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In the field of Stock Prices Manipulation , there is method called , Lure and Squeeze: The way it works is a company is very distressed on paper, with impossibly high debt and consistently high annual losses, but very few assets, making it look as if bankruptcy must be imminent. The stock price gradually falls as people new to the stock short it on the basis of the poor outlook for the company, until the number of shorted shares greatly exceeds the total number of shares that are not held by those aware of the lure and squeeze scheme (call them "people in the know").


In the meantime, people in the know increasingly purchase the stock as it drops to lower and lower prices. When the short interest has reached a maximum, the company announces it has made a deal with its creditors to settle its loans in exchange for shares of stock (or some similar kind of arrangement that leverages the stock price to benefit the company), knowing that those who have short positions will be squeezed as the price of the stock sky-rockets. Near its peak price, people in the know start to sell, and the price gradually falls back down again for the cycle to repeat.

This is achieved by false information published online and

offline in order to influence the investors .

This is not what does .


We are experts in promoting negative information about companies ,

but we use only already published material that has been verified and published by leading financial websites .


We make sure that one negative articles becomes available on page one of Google for all keywords connected to the company targeted .


As long as the information is indeed true , precise and accurate in its details , it can be shared and published . Especially if the negative information’s source it’s a reliable one , like the big financial media websites .


Its 100% legal to share and promote a negative article written of top level financial medias , about a company . If the negative campaigning is done in a professional way , it can create panic and deep worries about the future of the share’s prices , causing eventually a drastic reduction in stock prices of the company targeted .


It is much easier to manipulate the share price of smaller cap companies,

such as penny stocks, using negative online PR , because its easier to create hundreds of negative search results about them .


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