Negative Public Relations


Start Ups Anonymous Business Network :


Investor , co-founder, ex- partner or worker of a Start Up ? 


Is the Start Up an 'high tech" fraud ?


Do you have some insider information to share ?


The High Tech Start Ups Anonymous Business Network is a place where you can share corporate secrets , in a  100% anonymous way , you do not have to register , or leave your details , in order to dislcose  insider information , internal frauds, corruption ,  law violations , corporate scandal and more….


Potential Investors  , clients , competitors and even future workers of those Start Up companies, may need the assistance and information from a person who knows of possible law violations , frauds , misconduct , and more….


Through your knowledge of the circumstances and individuals involved, you can help the the public identify possible fraud and other violations much earlier than might otherwise have been possible


Let the Start Up World know what your company is hiding from the public's eyes .  


You can write under whatever name you want ( not yours) , and the email you can write a fake email , not yours ....  write to in an anonymous way , we will publish your story online . is the leading PR agency , in the field of negative financial PR .