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The main issue with the Internet is that you may have never done anything outrageous in your life, but someone else could easily defame or slander you without you even knowing it! Either way, there are a couple of things that you can try to do to remove your name/ remove / from Google search engines, but none of them have any guarantees. If you don’t have the time to do all this legwork yourself or it’s not working as well as you would like, then it might be worth having our professional team of people for you. It’s probably easier for them anyway since they have systems setup already to do this regularly.


In simpler words, where one can easily remove his/her name from Google search engines, it is not necessary for one to know how to remove information from Google. For editing/ removing information from Google please Feel Free to Contact us


What is the customer's query to remove name from Google?

  • I need to remove name from google search and delete some posts.

  • Remove my name from google search and company from Google.

  • Hi, I want to get remove my information from google and removed name from google search and Internet.

  • I need you to remove my photo from google images.

  • Can a story be removed from Google, the story about my son sounded so much worse than what he did, can we get the Story removed from Google.

  • I would like to remove all information about me from the internet.

  • Do you suppress or remove links and how do you do this please ? I don’t want the person who wrote the links to know incase of republication so what do you advise.

  • I would like to remove articles with reference to my name.

  • Hello, I am interested in the services of improving the online reputation of two of our clients, who have negative links two blogs and articles created against them.


Your Search pattern reveals a lot about you, and Google is already implementing encrypted search to safeguard your personal life. Though, this is on server level, but what if somebody have access to your laptop, smartphone, and he can quickly go through what you have searched in past few months. Google offers you an extensive platform to find out almost anything and at the same time could make you bluff you in an instant after a peek inside your google negative search history.


Here’s a longtime myth among internet users that once remove google searches you’re clean, but no that’s not the case. Google Search also stores your browsing data online (Only if you’re logged in with your Google account) so one should learn how to remove search results from google. As Per its new policy, effective since February 2012, all your search would not be separate and would be stored for the use of your other Google services. Over 100 Billion searches monthly on the platform just reveals how much more there is to hide!


But no need to hit the panic button, we got it under control. You don’t want other users who share your computer to sneak into your Google search history. So how to delete google searches Result. You can remove google searches Result from your Web History rather than delete all your Web History. You can browse your search queries individually by Types (Web, video, images, etc.) and Date for individually removing google search history.Now a day it is important to hire the reputation management firms which can help in managing the online presence for the companies or businesses.


Our ORM professional’s team uses various approaches to remove search results from google, remove google negative search for your google business page etc.. Our team takes complete responsibility of client’s digital initiative to lessen their headache and bring the satisfactory results beyond their expectation. We share our working methodologies and strategies to avoid the arguments in the middle and maintain transparency. We follow the legal and authentic process and the client’s information is kept confidential in order to avoid any damage.