How to Rip Out Negative Newspaper Articles from the Web

How to Rip Out Negative Newspaper Articles from the Web


Let’s say that some extremely negative articles has been published about you , online .  So what is the next step ? 


Hiring a defamation lawyer and trying to remove the articles through extensive legal procedures , is indeed a good option , but it may takes more than a year , the removals are not guaranteed , it depends on the judge , and the costs are very high .


Can you live for a few years , with negative online articles ?


Think that every person that googles you , will read , first , those horrible news about you .  True or not , nobody really cares , they read the negative info , and remember only that .


Its sad , but this is how the human mind works .  You can read 200 excellent reviews about an Hotel , but then you see that they have about 10 negative complaints , you will prefer not to make a reservation .


So , can you afford negative information to stay online for months or even years ?  


Another option is to hire a reputation management company , that will offer you , as they always do , to ‘bury’ or push down , you negative search results to page 2 or 3 of Google , where anyone does not really bother to get . 


The will offer you to publish positive content , and will convince you that it will outrank the negative one , but this never happens , you know why ? 


Because Google are not stupid , they know very well , all the tricks of the reputation management companies , that are trying to suppress negative articles , using social media profiles , press releases , micro websites and more .  This is all nonsense . 


There is only one solution available : taking down the webpages containing the negative articles about you . has developed sophisticated technologies in order to execute such a take down .  


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