Webcide.com Reviews :  Negative reviews are part of each and every business working online .  The best companies will get negative reviews and bad press , its natural , because they deal with hundreds of individuals a day , and its difficult to control the satisfaction and moods of people , especially the unstable ones , and there are a lot out there .


Then there is another issue : competitors that place negative reviews about your business on various complaint sites in order to damage your reputation .  There are also different websites out there , that try to imitate  the RipoffReport website , they open reviews sites , place bad reviews about your business and then starts to email you asking money for getting those reviews removed . 


Webcide.com Reviews will start to write on a regular basis about all this industry of negative reviews , fake consumer complaints , mugshots , fraud and scam alerts …. It’s a huge online extortion industry , they let people place negative reviews , without checking the source , they place themselves complaints , and then ask money for the removals .


Webcide.com reviews will speak about each and every website involved in this legal online extortion business .   Webcide.com policy , in regards to its own negative reviews is very strict : we do not remove negative reviews places about Webcide.com and we also do not add positive reviews , like all main online companies do .


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