Negative Public Relations




Companies that go public need not only to complete their initial offering successfully, but also begin their new public life favorably in the eyes of all their new audiences. can cause them to start their public life , in a negative way that will affect directly their initial investors and their future decisions . identify, develop and implement appropriate levels of negative visibility targeted to their most important business and financial audiences.


Troubled companies today have few alternatives and strategies to address their issues. They also face new challenges that require effective communication with multiple concerned constituencies. We have developed approaches that work against them .


When private equity firms take control of troubled companies, they use our services .

Our work with clients is heavily concentrated in the negative information dissemination and helping destabilize reassurance so sought by stakeholders .


Companies under severe financial pressure may seek rescue through M&A transactions, equity infusions or other new financing. We help M&A  procedures . They need to maintain their everyday business activities , but we produce them high risks of defection by worried vendors, lenders, and customers. We help clients to  convince doubters that they are right , we plant rumors, and maintain an atmosphere of panicked situation during this highly vulnerable period. All this results in millions of dollars saved on buying the troubled company .


More negative information is spread online means more devaluation of the company  , that means that it becomes cheaper to take control of .


Emergence from bankruptcy is a new beginning. We can prevent that .


We can make sure that everybody will never forget the past of the company .


It can involve a marketing or rebranding campaign that we work against ; or maybe investor relations for a new, debt-focused investor population; refreshed relationships with employees; reconnection programs for vendors and customers. All of that can be wisely prevented .

Troubled companies maintain a  very quiet business-as-usual communication with the public . We’ve helped develop and execute world class negative campaigns against troubled companies that play the faked game of “business-as-usual” .


Corporate troubles are rarely secrets. Customers and vendors, employees and partners, all are anxious about the company’s ability to fulfill its commitments. Negative Communications goals : Supply enough negative information to all of them so that they head for the exits. harm the credibility by showing them what might  happen.


This is an exacting process. We collaborate with attorneys to make it happen in the most discreet and legal way .


We can cause troubled companies create fears of employees, customers or partners , till they point they get out of hand.We support clients with highly-focused negative campaigns that manage headlines and keep both hopes and fears within realistic contexts.


A company’s future hangs visibly in the balance; the participants’ interests can be very much at odds; publicly available information fuels endless gossip – a storm perfect for the media. Amid the flow of official documents, we assist clients to disseminate timely, accurate negative information about a company that results in an extremely damaged confidence among all stakeholders. has worked on nine hundred transactions in 10 years, including some of the biggest and most complex. We work with buyers or sellers . We work with bankers, lawyers, managements, boards of directors. We address the needs of investors and lenders, employees, customers and vendors, regulators and communities.


Contested shareholder votes today challenge a company’s independence, leadership, strategy and policies. Activist investor initiatives and governance disputes can cast boards of directors and managements in an uncomfortable glare. We have deep experience counseling them and working closely with their other advisors.


We have worked with many private equity firms, sometimes visibly, sometimes very quietly.

Two dozen M&A reporters shape perceptions of most transactions. We have deep relations with them all. There are hundreds of bloggers and tweeters, sometimes they matter a lot. We’ve had success with them, too. We spend long hours with all media. When we can’t give what they want, we can help them to be accurate. They give us a willingness to listen and an effort to be fair.

Customers, employees and critical relationships are all at risk. We know how to take advantage of those situations .


Acquirers can prepare their negative campaigns. Targets can be damaged almost instantly.

We know how to influence stakeholders that matter. We’re on the winning side more often than most.


Deals are fueled by information – we deliver the negative one .


More than ever in today’s social media climate. We’re plugged into the influencers, the conduits and the buzz they create; we advise clients usefully on the environment they’re entering. Transactions develop best in secrecy, but leaks and rumors abound. We build our negative campaigns around that rumors . We help clients combat  their competition and win .


Transactions go only as far as their audiences take them – investors and regulators to achieve a closing; employees and customers to preserve the business thereafter. They are all besieged by endless negative communication. We advocate simple, direct, what’s-in-it-for-you negative messages that cut through the clutter, delivered in the manner is most trusted at that moment. corporate negative reputation programs are often based on research which identifies gaps between the perceptions of each audience segment and reality. The research indicates negative messages which need to be communicated — perceived strengths to be reinforced and perceived weaknesses to be addressed.


Our skill is in interpreting the research and planning a strategic negative communication program which presents messages in the most cost-effective way and helps a business achieve its wider competitive business objectives.


Negative Media coverage can have a major impact on a business’ reputation. We are experienced in developing newsworthy angles and presenting stories in a way that attracts the attention of media, as well as taking full advantage of potentially damaging situations. We know the leading business journalists and columnists, and scarcely a day passes when we are not in contact with them.

Our negative media skills workshops help executives identify and capitalise on news PR opportunities against their direct competition , we maximize negative coverage against your competition .


We help identify appropriate negative PR opportunities, advise how to extract the most value from them and, when appropriate, leverage content to a wider audience.


The professionalism with which we implement a negative campaign— whether to damage customer loyalty or to provide opportunities for potential customers to be influenced by unsatisfied customers — can have a lasting effect on its corporate bad reputation, as well as on sales.

We are skilled at developing and managing negative campaign programs .


Feel free to contact us for a confidential consultation .

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