Google Reputation Repair from Ex Convicts 


There is  An Estimated 10,000 Innocent People Convicted of Crimes Each Year in U.S.


How do I remove false criminal allegations off of Google?

Somebody is googling your name, whether it be a family member, friend, colleague, employer, or employee, and immediately they see a mugshot,past convictions, court records, court judgments, newspaper articles, prison sentences and more. 


You feel ruined, you probably ask yourself, "What am I going to do now? My reputation is ruined forever, I'm totally screwed for the rest of my life !" That's not true, this is where Google Reputation Repair Experts are coming in. 


Through our extremely aggressive legal process, we are able to repair our clients' reputations online, block search engine results that show negative information, and pull down mugshots that are lingering on Google and Google Images. 


You have two choices: either continue to pay the price of your crimes for the rest of your life, because your past and because of the fact that your story is available on Google , or to fix your online reputation by removing permanently all the negative information you have on Google. 


Today, more than ever before, there are extremely efficient ways to remove the negative search results by using new tools and international privacy laws that support the de-indexing of negative search results from Google servers. 


You can now start a new life with a fresh and positive online reputation . will delete all negative information about you on Google and will create new positive information that will be the new “you “. 


Do not compromise your future, you have the full right to get back to your best possible life, and living your dreams. 


You must take action, stop being a victim, because you already paid too much for whatever mistakes you have done. 


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