Online Reputation Management for Financial Criminals

The natural reaction to fixing a reputation is to want immediate results. Especially, just after a negative review or article is published, people want it to go away immediately. Reputation management companies know this and advertise quick fixes like “Guaranteed Removals” or “Deletion” in hopes of catching people when they are most vulnerable to bite on a too-good-to-be-true option. If something seems too-good-to-be-true it almost always is. A cookie-cutter contract filled with vague half-promises and confusing legalese often ends with the customer dissatisfied and the reputation management company cashing your check without delivering on the quick fix they promised.Our Damage Control Process minimizes the number of people who will find your negatives. We do this by burying them below positive content that tells your story and contextualizes your results.


The truth is, it’s more a triathlon than a foot race when it comes to reputation management — not only does it require stamina and commitment, but also multiple different specialized techniques. Search engines are frequently changing their approaches on how to sort the most relevant information and it takes time to rank for a keyword. The more negative information about a person there is out there, generally, the longer it will take to clear it. There isn’t a silver bullet that will fix a damaged reputation. It takes time and a concert by synced methodologies.


Warren Buffet said it best when he said:


“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it. If you think about that, you’ll do things differently.”


While it may not take 20 years to fix your reputation, the point isn’t lost. All of your actions contribute to either building or damaging your reputation and that which is difficult to build, is easy to tear down.


Our Positive Promotion Process – which includes publishing blog posts, social media updates and rich media – puts your best foot forward online month after month. This continual creation of optimized content helps keep your positive webpages above your negatives, and creates a protective barrier that helps prevent new negatives from being seen.


It’s no secret that good reputation management can easily cost thousands of dollars. If a company is offering a solution within the hundreds of dollars range, this typically just means they are trying for some quick and easy money and don’t have your best interests in mind. For this price range you can expect them to create a few social media profiles you could have created for yourself and with little to no thought or direction behind these efforts you will notice the lack of impact on your overall search results.Our advanced machine learning technology will identify Google results, social posts and images that could be hurting your career – and help you remove them before employers find them.


In order to achieve lasting results with keyword movement on the first page of Google, a few things need to happen. You need a well thought out strategy and implementation in order to achieve the goals you wish to accomplish. This will mean a dedicated account manager who will look into the specifics of your situation (i.e., search volume, existing online content, related keywords, etc.) in order to tailor an approach that will be effective because it’s unique to your situation. Once a strategy and timeline are figured out you need the implements to deliver on the project which means an operations team and often a PR package that parallels the creation of new positive content while seeking press opportunities and cultivating your personal or company’s branding. In order to be successful, while all of this other work is being executed, you also need SEO specialists to optimize the new positive content being earned and created for clients so it can challenge the negative content, push it down, and appear more prevalently in search results.


The key to a successful reputation management campaign is combining a great campaign manager and strategy along with the resources and implementation to see the campaign through, including a great operation, SEO, and PR team working together to achieve a larger goal.We'll find any of your exposed private info online and help you remove it to lower your risk of hacks, identity theft, and unwanted spam.


Clients are sometimes surprised when they hear a quote for a timeline spanning months rather than days to positively influence and impact online search results. It’s important to keep in mind that the vast majority of people have done little to no reputation management up to the point where they contact a company to help them.


That’s what we’re here for! It’s probably a good idea to schedule anywhere from 3-6 months to deal with each negative result. Remember, your online reputation is the sum of everything that appears about you on the internet up until this point, which is in most cases… a lifetime.


Relatively speaking, the amount of time to positively impact your reputation is very short in comparison to the time that it has taken to form someone’s current reputation, as well as the time it would take to clear that reputation if no efforts were taken to right it. It’s always important to keep in mind that positive results will take time but patience and diligence is rewarded with an improved online presence which usually means more dollars in your pocket, fewer headaches, and explanations.


Our Reputation Engine technology will give you a customized action plan to build an impressive online presence that maximizes your career opportunities.