Online Reputation Management for Tech Startup Companies by

Online Reputation Management for  Tech Startup Companies .


Do you know that a single worker of your company , maybe one that you just fired , can completely destroy the reputation of your startup ?  He can easily go online , and in the most anonymous way disclose secrets , technologies, know how , future products , marketing plans …he can complain about your startup , he can publish a warning to potential investors …. Just one upset worker can destroy your company .


For many startups,  a good online reputation starts and ends with receiving a good feedback from TechCrunch.


This is pure illusion , as explained , it takes a few negative posts about your startup , to kill your business.


Reputation management for tech startups , means a proactive approach: start building relationships early on, push an online discussion about your company and future.  Do now wait for someone else to ruin your business , start bombing Google with positive , out of this world content , about your startup , your technologies and the market you are going to control .


Online reputation management is based on ‘human relations’  and not just public relations .


Focusing all your efforts on human relations is driven by the fact that there is an outstanding value in building and maintaining social relationships between your startup  , the public and the media.

Be social , connect with your potential clients through Facebook , Linkedin , Twitter , Youtube , Google + and many other excellent social media platforms .


To build real , open , relationships, start very small.  The startup world to want to hit the ground running, but when it comes to making online friends with the media and the public , we recommend baby steps. Reply or retweet a tweet. Comment on forums , comments to articles related to your business, be online , wherever you feel that your company belongs to the current discussion .


Its very important to be a brief, be genuine , be a good listener , and please remember that ‘Media and Public Relations Doesn’t Equal Success’ .


The real key to the success of your startup , lies in your ability to solve a universal problem by offering  new or improved solution to others.


Startups in the high-tech industry tends to think on the short term , and this is a huge mistake , you have to think on the long term when dealing with your company’s online reputation.


Tech StartUp companies , are all hustling. As soon as you will understand that you have to focus your entire energy on building mutually beneficial human relationships online , rather than one-sided business relationships, your online reputation will be of a successful company .


Most startups  knows that they need public relations. They know buzz needs to be created through the best PR channels available , but they don’t always have the money , the connections or manpower to do it in the most professional way .    That is the reason why your startup must manage its online reputation , in the most sophisticated way possible .


There are so many tricks for developing your company’s online reputation and brand awareness , just to give you a few tips :


Virtually every journalist is on Twitter and many use it as their main communication source. Following them gives you the opportunity to comment on their work and put your name in front of them.


Twitter is also a great platform to use for identifying  potential opportunities .


The company's response to a current event is a huge opportunity that you cannot miss . For example if you are a cyber security startup ,  there are so many events lately , such as the cyber attack on Sony and on the  US Government Computers….you can take advantage of these and post your point of view , your products solutions to problems like this one , and so on …

The release of a compelling study or interesting data elaborated by your startup can become a big hit , and influence positively your online reputation .


Google likes you only when  you offer up ‘Unique Data’ that nobody else can supply .

Your Startup Employees are a good asset , and they can promote the name of your company online, using their connections in the social networks they are using .


Don’t count on traditional PR .  Please take into consideration that PR is important , but your online reputation is playing a major role in your startup future .   PR will not help you cover negative information about your company , online .


Often, startups have little to no budget to invest in PR.  In the next articles , we will teach you how to manage your company’s online reputation , in a professional way , so that you will not have to invest to much in PR .


There’s no silver bullet for managing your startup google reputation . It’s a trial and error process , that you must start as soon as possible .


Online reputation management means becoming an expert in your field , an authority . One surefire way to improve your online reputation and attract the attention of journalists is to promote yourself as an expert in your field .


While you might equate social media with Facebook and Twitter, there are plenty of other options to attract the attention of the media and public , while improving your online reputation , such as posting press releases on sites like:, Free Press Release, and


Most Tech Startup products are built for a specific population of users or specific use cases, and whatever your product or service, there are bloggers who write about it and are real influencers . They can positively influence your online reputation in a huge way .


Take on Speaking Engagements and then publish the event online !


Startup Online Reputation Management  Is A Process Not A Product Hunt .



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