Online Reputation Management for OTC Markets Companies

Online Reputation Management for OTC Markets Companies .


Online Reputation Management is very important for smaller and high-growth companies that meet high financial and operating standards and are committed to building visibility in the investment community.


Companies operating in OTC Markets OTCQX, OTCQB and OTC Pink Securities , usually distribute their information and bring transparency to a wide audience of U.S. investors, market data distributors, investment databases, media outlets, and broker-dealers.  Part of those companies use stock promoters to bring useful information to potential investors , mainly using their email databases .


The main question is : is that enough ?  In today’s digital world , conventional PR and investor relations , is not enough .    Companies traded over the counter , must take care of their online reputation management .


By facilitating real-time delivery of information and news to a company’s marketplace,  PR companies helps companies maximize the value of being public.

But what about the reputation of those companies ?  When somebody googles the name of the company or the stock , what he sees as relevant information , will influence his point of view about the stock .


Discussion Forums where investors write about stocks , are for example very important to the potential investor , that is looking for real reviews from real people , about a certain company or stock .


PR does not take care of those forums .   There is hiding the real reputation of the company traded .

Correct online reputation management is taking care of those Forums .


Companies traded over the counter does not have many of the filing or reporting obligations that companies traded on major exchanges have, so investors usually can’t get much information on them.


This is dangerous for their online reputation management . Because there is a lot of space for bloggers, articles writers , and so called financial advisors to damage the name of the company .

The liquidity of many OTC stocks has also been poor at best, which led to stock manipulation, pump and dump schemes ,  producing a negative  image of the OTC markets .


Most brokers, investment funds or institutional investors are not allowed to recommend or invest in OTC markets companies.


This leave the company with one option : to manage their online reputation in an intelligent way so that individual investors will be interested in investing in those companies .


The individual investor will rely almost exclusively on what he will read on Google .


The  serious investment community doesn’t care about companies, why should the media?


If the media write about an OTC traded company , its usually something negative .


Many OTC  and small Nasdaq Stock Market companies will never ,ever gain media attention.


So what is the solution ?  Manage in a professional way the online reputation management of the company and control the results of the first 3 pages of Google , so that potential investors googling the company , will read only the positive content you want them to read .


Take into consideration that conventional PR-strategies, from press releases and conference calls to distributing glossy investor kits and investor alerts, rarely work for the almost 10,000 OTC publicly traded companies.


What is happening is that when nobody knows about the company, nobody wants to buy its stock. The stock price then goes down, and it becomes difficult to raise capital or use stock for possible acquisitions.


This is why online reputation management really matters for those companies .


If you know how to develop your company’s online reputation , you also know that a continuous flow of reliable information helps make an investment in such a company feel much less risky. 

Online Reputation Management , directed to individuals , must be in plain English, using a very simple language ,  avoiding  professional terminology that private investors will never be able to understand .


The content promoted online  must educate the investors on how their industry works –explaining their positioning, competitors, market potential and risks, and the financial importance of the company’s business plans .


OTC Markets companies  must use sophisticated reputation methods , that promotes the company’s interests anonymously . This we will discuss in another article .

Successful companies actively promote their good reputation in the digital media and give people something to chat about. 


 A lot undervalued companies pay for placements in stock promoter’s newsletters, Web sites and television programs to reach investors. But several dozen stock promoters have been sued recently by the SEC for failing to disclose that they were compensated for their recommendations. 


Stock promotion is almost a scam : convincing innocent investors to spend their money on companies generating false news .


The Public support of a company's stock is a primary goal of most publicly traded firms. If you have no support , you can build one using advanced reputation management problems .


A good online reputation starts with outstanding relationships with Broker and Dealers, OTC market -makers, investment bankers, and private investment firms.


If you combine it with the ability to create a good online reputation by being part of the daily discussion in influential investment communities , then your stock will be sold easily .


Online Reputation must be strongly positioned to deliver your story to the optimum targeted audience in such a way that this audience will think that it’s not coming from you .


If you want to distribute press releases, audio interviews, and market updates by emails an other ways , its totally okay .  But be careful not to engage in cheap stock promotion campaigns.  


Google reputation management is meant to create SEO program to drive traffic to your Investor Fact Sheet  but not via Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture, banner ads on the Google placement network , we are not speaking about paid campaigning at all …. Your reputation on Google should not be based on paid ads, people knows that it’s  just an advertisement .


For example create weekly blogs , from different bloggers  covering various aspects of thecompany business model and industry.


You can conduct weekly social media campaigns via Twitter and Facebook. You can also create multiple social media accounts , under different names , that will post ‘insider information’ about your company .


You can create video and media presentations to upload on multiple video platforms such as Youtube, Dailymotion and Vimeo . People likes to shares videos .


There are a lot of online tools you can use efficiently such as Internet Chat Broadcasts and Financial Pod Casts.


This audio content generated , can be then shared to major Pod Cast portals like iTunes, Yahoo Finance, StreetIQ and more.


 It is a must to Produce and distribute an Investor Fact Sheet outlining recent news headlines, a client overview, a summary on industry trends, and commentary which is sent to proprietary opt-in database of accredited, qualified OTC investors as well as  your website subscribers .


There are dozens ideas that you can implement such as an electronic investor kit .


While managing your online reputation you must be keenly aware that you have to spend  your dollars on the #1 growth goal of finding new customers. You reduce or at least don’t over-spend on services that don’t advance growth.  When we speak about growth , it does not mean stock promotions .  You need to grow your company’s name and reputation .


Online Reputation means investing more into exposure and targeting helping you to engage more investors in your stock’s online discussion .


Investors can only purchase stocks they know about – you have to create demand driven leads that convert into buying stocks .  An excellent and curated online image of your company , will do the work for you .


Create demand & educate customers  24 hours a day , every day , this is the real goal of a well structured online reputation campaign .


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