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Remove Permanently Negative Search Results from Google , including : lawsuits records , bankruptcy, legal issues , negative articles, negative comments, negative customer complaints, scam reports , fraud alerts ,arrest records ,negative blogs , negative forum posts , negative mentioning ,negative reviews about you or your business . is an high-end corporate, strategic, and financial communications company . We are differentiated from our peers by the breadth and depth of the services we offer to clients, by our competition problem solving approach, and by the global reach of our international network. offers online reputation management tools that provide control of the customer’s brand in search engines. began with a simple vision: The vision of a world in which everyone, from businesses and brands to celebrities and private figures, have a say in how they are portrayed on the Internet. The rise of digital communication has brought with it many benefits, but also many dangers—specifically, the danger of online defamation.

The firm was founded by a group of direct response marketing professionals, all of whom knew from first-hand experience how damaging a malicious online attack could be. They set out to develop the resources necessary for defending their names and averting Internet defamation—and quickly realized that such resources could prove beneficial to companies and people everywhere.

With that revelation, was born.

Now, is known as one of the top companies in its industry. A foremost name in online reputation management and brand enhancement, the company is known for its technological innovations and its client-centered services, in equal measure.

Even the company’s client list has expanded a great deal since those early days. Webcide.comnow manages numerous high-level, international reputation defense accounts, for highly public figures and companies. These include Fortune 100 brands, celebrities, professional athletes, government agencies, and political figures. In addition, makes its services accessible to private citizens, small businesses, online marketers, and beyond. If you are a CEO of a Financial Firm , we can help you clean up the internet from various negative articles that may affect your reputation .


It’s important to understand that Google is just a hosting platform. Removing information from Google does not remove it from the web, just search results. You need to know the source of the content you want to remove and who controls the source in order to completely remove the content.


Google will remove outdated content that has been changed or has been completely removed from the search results. But Google will not remove live content from the search results just because you don’t want it there.

There is an exception to this rule. Google will typically remove content from their search results that is flagged as adult material or in violation of Google’s policies, the law, or Copyright laws.


Google will not remove content that is defamatory or negative simply because you want it gone. They have made it clear they do not want to be the judge and jury of what is true and what is not. Google has even issued a statement on this topic. In Google’s own words:


“Please remember that Google doesn’t own the web; we just help you find stuff on it. If you don’t like something on a website that Google doesn’t own, we really can’t make the website owner remove it, we can only remove it from Google Search results (if appropriate). Sorry!”


In most cases you will need to obtain a court order to de-index negative content from Google or force the original host to remove the content altogether. However, it’s worth noting that Google has the final say in all removal and de-indexing requests. To learn more about Google challenges to content removal, check out our article, “Can I Sue Google?”


Google Removal Fact: Google’s legal landscape and honoring of court ordered removals leaves much to be desired. It is still quite confusing and uncertain whether Google will actually remove online defamation and libel by way of court order. Also, Google is highly subjective when accepting court ordered removals, and looks for very specific, non-disclosed criteria.