Lawyers and law firms face many online reputation challenges, including:


  • Negative client reviews on online directories

  • Publicity over an attorney grievance

  • Negative mentions in law-related blogs, such as Above the Law’s “Bench Slap of the Day”


Unfortunately, a negative review from a disgruntled client is more likely than a positive comment from a satisfied customer. Similarly, a blogger is much more attracted to a story about lawyer misdeeds than one about a lawyer who does good work. This is just human nature.


In a world where a single review or comment can remain public indefinitely, reputation and trust are your Firm’s most valuable assets.

We help Lawyers protect their online reputation.


Because of the way Internet search engines catalog and sift through countless websites, a single negative mention can linger long after the disgruntled client has moved on to other matters. That means firms need to set up a system for monitoring their online mentions and, when appropriate, responding to any inaccurate or inflammatory posts.


Between handling clients, developing your firm, and preparing cases, you simply do not have the time to jump from Google to Avvo to LinkedIn to every hour to make sure you are showcasing positive reviews.


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