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We work with C-suite executives as well as large e-commerce brands, financial services firms and organizations that generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue each year. At that level, you can’t afford to have negative search results on the first page of Google.


If you’re an executive or CEO, bad press could affect your credibility, business relationships, compensation package, advancement opportunities and even your company. Further, a damaged corporate reputation impacts market capitalization, hiring, sales and revenue.


Some firms claim they can completely remove unwanted search results in less than one month. They may even advertise a money back guarantee. Don’t fall for that line.


Having bad news on the first page of Google search results is like having bad news on the front page of the newspaper. But unlike a newspaper that changes every day, your search results won’t change unless you do something about it. We can help.

According to an AOL study, 90% of Google searchers never make it past page one for a given search. Our team of talented Search Engineers uses proprietary technology and industry best practices to push down negative, inaccurate information, and push up accurate information onto page one of Google.

Our “white glove” Account Management team will provide you with an initial screenshot and monthly updates to track our progress.

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Online reputation management takes time, effort and SEO expertise. Firms that promise quick wins often rely upon legal scare tactics and short-term black hat SEO tricks that won’t last. And they certainly won’t be effective against major news outlets like the The New York Times or syndicated networks.


Want the truth?


It’s incredibly difficult to completely remove negative content from Google search. In fact, there are only a few rare instances in which that’s even possible. In almost every case, the only viable approach is to bury negative search results in Google where people won’t find them.


How to get a news article removed from Google


Here’s where things get tricky. You really only have four options if you want to get a news article removed from the internet:


  • Ask the website owner to remove it

  • File a defamation lawsuit

  • Ask Google to remove it if it violates their guidelines

  • Bury negative news articles in Google with ORM


However, proceed with caution if you plan to contact any websites. You should seek professional advisement before you reach out so you don’t make your situation worse.


Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind:


  • Be courteous and polite

  • NEVER bully people with legal threats.

  • Understand that most website owners may not be sympathetic to your request — especially if the content drives traffic to their site.


Since it’s highly unlikely that someone will honor your request, let’s move on to the next section.


We can remove and hide a wide range of search results. From negative reviews, complaints and comments on social media… to websites, news articles, blogs, scam reports and government websites.


We hide and remove unflattering search results for all of our clients.

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Search engines are great for finding information on almost anything in the world. They can be a good tool when you have a research project, or just simply want to find out more about something. However, just with them being perfect for these things, they can also be your worst enemy. If you have done something you aren’t proud of or if you own a business that has had problems in the past, a search engine can be your worst enemy if you’re trying to find a job or run a successful business.


It’s a double edged sword. As the saying goes: “Once on the internet, always on the internet”. That may not be what anyone in a negative position wants to hear, but it’s the down side of having the luxury of search engines. Luckily, just because some negative information may be holding you back on the internet, it is not the end of the world. There are some online reputation management steps you can take to remove the smudges of your business or, at the very least, bury them deeper in the internet and search engines so they are much harder to find.


We’ll start first with removal of content from the internet. Now, as I mentioned before, once something is on the internet it stays there in one way, shape, or form, literally forever. However, you can do everything possible to get it removed from one search engine or another and at least make it harder to find for prospective clients.


Obviously, if you own the website it will be easiest for you to remove the content. A personal business website can be taken down and re-created under a different URL, for example. Websites that fall under the social media category can also be removed by the owner, thus removing all the negative content that may be connected to it. Something to think about with social media is that it can be difficult to remove your account. Sources like Facebook are notorious for having people do such things like take down every single picture ever posted, then the albums, and only then can they remove the website.


One thing to keep in mind is that it’s also a good idea to think about if you really want to fix bad reviews. It’s possible to keep these websites up and try to solicit better reviews from friends, family, and customers. You could also add more content on how you have improved your business since whatever negative content has been added to your webpage, or turn it around into a positive thing, being open and honest with your customers while providing great service. You can work on internet reputation repair all you want, but without IRL action your efforts are done in vain.


If you do not own the website, there are still options for you to have the content removed or buried. The simplest, and probably the only way to do this is to seek online reputation repair services. The right reputation management service will help you decide the best course of action so you can fix bad search results and resume business as usual.


No two efforts to remove defamatory materials from internet sites is the same. For instance, whether the site posts user-generated content or publishes its own content is an important legal distinction that will significantly impact the strategy to approach the matter. This is because Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act grants broad protections to Internet websites that post user-generated materials. 


However, working with an attorney allows you keep all options open. In some cases, a well-drafted demand letter from an experienced attorney alone can resolve a situation where defamatory materials have been posted online. In other circumstances, such a approach may be insufficient and a mediation or arbitration may appear to provide a path to getting the matter resolved. An attorney can provide experienced representation in any alternative dispute resolution proceedings. In still other situations, it may make sense to file suit against the individual poster directly to seek damages for the consequences of the false and defamatory materials. An attorney can also handle a defamation lawsuit if it is likely to successfully resolve you situation.