Removing News Articles From the Internet


When determining whether it is possible to remove a news story from the internet, there are many factors to take into consideration, including:


• Does the news story contain information that is false, defamatory, or creates a false light?

• How old is the information, is the news outdated, and is it inaccurate or unfair?

• Is there defamatory or inflammatory language in the comments of the article?

• Is the website publicizing your name or likeness illegally for profit?

• Does the information violate copyright or trademark laws?

• Is there personal information published (social security #, credit card #, banking information)?

• Does the article contain information about someone who is a minor?

• How many sources or websites is the information published on?


Our team works hard to find any content that a basic search might miss and ensure that your negative content is either removed, suppressed, or delisted.


Prospective employers and customers will look you up online. We can help you ensure that your online reputation is secure.Your online reputation is not the same as your online presence. Instead, it’s the perception that presence creates in the minds of anybody searching your name. Comprised of every personal mention that shows up in search results, your digital footprint is what drives the quality and impact of your online reputation—how people think and feel about you now and in the future. 


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Prospective employers, customers, family, and friends can search you online.

Negative or defamatory content can cause irreparable damage to

your reputation if it is left unmitigated.


Working with a team of industry leaders in the online removal field, Global Rep Repair is the most trusted source for the removal of online content.We work tirelessly to ensure that the “you” that people find online is a positive representation, one that you can be proud to show potential employers and anyone else who may search for your name.


Our reputation management is unparalleled in the field and can remove those defamatory posts and negative mentions faster than you ever imagined. Don’t waste any more time; protect your identity now!


We know how much negative content can impact a person’s life – both professionally and personally – and we are committed to providing effective solutions for our clients needs.


Our Experts Can Assist With These Issues:

  • Negative Reviews and Content

  • Complaints

  • Newspaper Articles

  • Revenge Sites

  • Mugshots

  • Unwanted Pictures

  • Google Search Results

  • Removing Online Information

  • Positive Reputation Management

  • Pushing Down Negative Content


No matter who you are or what you do, it’s impossible to escape the clutches of Google.  You may think you’re flying under the radar or have no online presence to speak of, but if you’ve ever shopped, owned a home, held a job or paid a phone bill, your personal info is out there—accessible to anyone with the will to find it. 


Even if you work hard to maintain a low online profile, your name is likely on hundreds of potential sites, including:


  • Public records sites. Court, property, licensing, business, birth and marriage records are not considered confidential, and are generally available on local, state and federal government websites across the web. 


  • Data search sites. There are hundreds if not thousands of data brokers online that do nothing but collect personal info and sell it to the highest bidder. When searching your name, you’ll likely come across such names
    as MyLife,, Spokeo, PeopleFinder and numerous others offering your background info for a small one-time fee.


  • Online shopping profiles. If you’ve ever purchased an item on Amazon, or a local business site, you likely created a shopper’s profile. 


  • And though most businesses have security firewalls in place, you’re still leaving a trace of your personal info that may someday warrant an online

  • reputation management strategy.


  • Social media. Even a forgettable, years-old post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn can leave an indelible mark on your digital reputation, adding to your footprint and showing up highly in searches of your name. Carefully managing your online presence should always involve a thorough social media strategy. 


  • News publications. Good or bad, news coverage featuring your name or business can quickly become a prominent and even permanent fixture in Google SERPs. Local and national news sites tend to get the VIP treatment in Google rankings and have

  • an outsized impact on your online reputation. 


  • Review sites. Own a local business? If so, you’re probably being mentioned and rated on consumer review sites like Google My Business, Yelp, Angie’s List, Trip Advisor and more—platforms that get prime positioning in local search and one of the main reasons why online reputation management is so important to small business owners. 


  • Blogs and consumer complaint forums. The web offers disgruntled employees, dissatisfied customers, competitors and arch enemies ample opportunities to mention your personal brand or business on the web. Such mentions range from glowing to unflattering and downright malicious.