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What is the difference between and

other online reputation management companies? 


We are extremely aggressive to websites that are not willing to remove the negative information

they published, about our clients. 


We are a group of internet defamation lawyers and therefore we know exactly how to create negative information about editors, reporters and website’s owners, in a way that they will be under pressure from what is being said about them online and then realize that their own reputation is at extremely high risk. 


How do you remove negative search results from Google?


How do you remove arrest and court records from your Google search results? 


You need to become dangerous to those publishers, because the moment they understand that they have something valuable to lose, they will remove the negative information.


For instance, if a reporter published an article about your arrests, our online investigators will check the past of the reporter itself, the past of his family members, including wife, children and

close circle like brothers, sisters and parents. 


The moment we find a piece of negative information about one of them, we will start to share it in thousands of ways, like videos, blogs, articles, press releases, forum posts, social media posts, online discussion feedbacks and more. 


As long as the negative information collected has been already published by a third verified party, it is perfectly legal to ‘share’ it online, as much as you want. 


We do not have any ethical problems to destroy the good reputation of a person, as long as we found real negative facts about him and most of us have skeletons in their closet and dirty secrets that they do not want anyone to know about. 


We can guarantee you 100% that almost anyone that has been subject to our negative online PR, is changing his mind and beg us to remove the negative information they published about our clients. 


They know that with, nobody is playing games because

we are the World’s number one authority in Negative Public Relations.  


It’s every person’s worst nightmare: you Google your name and finds out that he got

so much negative content published about him. 


Negative Search Results on Google are not always personal but also corporate.

Maybe your company made headlines for the wrong reasons. Or perhaps there’s a handful of bad reviews that have become a real reputation threat. Any negative content that appears on page one can hurt your brand and your company’s brand name. But with the right online reputation management strategy, you can block the damage of a negative online reputation. 


There are different ways to remove negative articles from the Internet. There are also multiple solutions for the removal of online court and arrest records.


The question we now have to ask is one! How to choose the best online reputation management strategy? The answer is just one: choose the solution that is permanent.


Removal solutions that are not totally permanent, are actually useless. Why pay, for example, an online reputation management company, just for burying negative online content? 


It can surface back on Google page one within a few months or even weeks!


Why? Because this is how Google algorithms work. Google will always rank on top of your search results all the negative information about you. is the World’s number 1 authority in negative public relations and we actually use this know-how, in order to create devastating negative online PR campaigns.


So, if you deeply understand that you cannot get rid of your negative google search results by trying to suppress them with positive information you think to publish, you got left with one single option: either remove the negative information from its sources ( the websites that published them in the first place) or to de-list it from Google , Yahoo and Bing search results. 


How to remove it from the websites hosting this negative information about you?, as described above, is using a very unethical and aggressive approach.


But in this way, we are able to remove negative articles, arrest records, court records, police records, bankruptcy records, court judgment many more types of negative content. 


There are of course cases where your records are published on Government websites and in those cases we cannot actually threaten anyone there, of course. 


So those are the cases where we initiate legal procedures with Google legal department and present them all reasons and evidence why they have to de-index the defamatory search results from their search engine. 


Google de-indexing procedures are the best solution, in the case you cannot directly remove it from the source. 


What happens is that you will not see the negative information under your google search results anymore, however, if someone has the link to the negative webpage will be able to access it.