Repairing a damaged negative Google reputation requires analyzing your first-page search results and developing a permanent removal strategy to promote your brand and rebuild your positive online image.


When you meet someone for the first time, how quickly do you form a very first impression on them, regardless of it being positive or negative? We subconsciously form judgment off of our first meetings, and sometimes they can be far from the truth and completely wrong. 


Do you know that first impression is formed within the first seven seconds of meeting someone, and it only takes a tenth of a second for someone to decide if they’re likely to trust you? The same statistics apply when someone is googling you or your business’s name for the first time.


The Google Page one of the search results is what that person is going to use as a judgment of their real ability to trust you personally or your business.  The way people view you can also go hand-in-hand with how they will do business with you or interact with you or hire you. 


That level of trustworthiness is known as your online reputation and the creation of a positive online reputation is called online reputation management.


De-indexing removes search results completely from the search engine.


Please make no mistakes about it: Negative search results can be completely removed via a process known as de-listing. 


De-indexing removes a search result directly from the index and cache of Google search results. Google stops to list that link as a search result when googling your personal or business name. 


There are unlimited types of content that can be de-indexed. For example, copyright infringement and personal data can be de-indexed.


If a particular webpage of negative content meets the correct legal guidelines, then  may well be able to have it completely removed from Google. 


Contact us for a free de-indexing demo on Google! Our email is is the World’s number one authority in negative online public relations and we are experts in removing negative search results from Google, Yahoo and Bing. 


Negative Google search results that you might be aware of:


Distasteful social media content 

Negative online reviews or complaints

Defamatory articles or posts 

News stories involving legal issues

Graphic or exploitive content

Hate speech


Sometimes things we post online end up coming back to damage us far after their initial date of our mistaken posting. Content on Google can be misconstrued, misunderstood and blown out of proportion and become viral. Like a forest fire, it can start with one small negative article and grow quickly without warning, eating up your entire first page of Google search results because more and more news websites will report it. People will then start to share those articles online and then it will be a disaster for you and you will become what we call a ‘victim’ of negative online public relations. 


On average over 85% of Google users find their answer on the first page of search results. Please make no mistakes about it, if Google page one says that you are a criminal, that is what you are and will continue to be in the eyes of the people who google you.


If you are an individual or business trying to grow your business and personal success, you can imagine how truly important it is to fill that page with the best positive information, to prove your trust and honorability to that individual behind the screen.


There are specific guidelines when posting and various types of content that Google will not tolerate and it will be easy for Internet Defamation Lawyers to get it de-indexed from Google. 


If this is the case, it is the publisher’s duty to remove the content themselves immediately, which also puts them at risk for a compliance review, link and account disabling, account suspension, and ad disapproval across their entire site. Our attorneys are extremely aggressive with news websites that are not willing to remove negative information published about them, especially when those articles are based on false or fake news. Negative Public Relations Agency is taking down negative articles that are not accurate or based on information that cannot be verified as true. 


We can de-index negative search results from Google .


Content that Google can stop to list :


Spam and fake content


Restricted content

Illegal content

Terrorist content

Sexually explicit content

Offensive content

Dangerous & Derogatory Content


Conflict of Interest


How do I remove negative search results from Google?

If the links in your Google search results pages have no legal dispute, you might actually be extremely lucky. Your reputation repair situation might have just gotten a lot easier! 


There are a few simple strategies to help you erase negative search results, and remove negative content completely from Google.


Just Ask the news article publisher directly with a removal request

Any link you find through a search engine comes from an external website. That news website is called the source publisher. If Google won’t remove it for you, you have a shot at asking the publisher to help you. 


What Internet Defamation Lawyers are doing fro removing the negative article? We usually start an aggressive legal campaign against the publishers, on a personal basis. We do not mind attacking them online and create a massive negative online PR campaign against them.


Try to Click on the link of the negative search result you would like to remove from Google, find a contact number or email on their website for a web publisher or writer, and explain the real reasons of your removal request. Make sure to keep your interaction polite with full supporting evidence that will convince them to remove the article. 


This is what Attorneys do as a first approach. We use a soft approach, in order not to start immediately to fight and get them become too defensive. 


There is a second step to be taken by you: Clean up online profiles, remove all social media sites that may harm you. 

Sometimes, we’re our own worst enemy – you might even be the publisher. Go over all of the websites and social media accounts you own and remove any text, images, links, posts, tweets, etc. that might be framing you in a bad online reputation.


You’re not the first person to exaggerate in oversharing, and you won’t be the last, so don’t be too hard on yourself if this is the case. This is a good rule of thumb to follow to consistently improve your reputation score and clean up your online search results. This is a must when speaking about constant online reputation management.


You still can Suppress and push out negative search results, in case the source of the article( the publisher) and also Google, are not ready to remove the negative information. 


You can try by yourself, suppressing negative search results by creating tons of positive content, in the form of blogs, forum comments, new social media accounts, videos, images, and more. You can do this by making your own website, and even submitting your own press releases.


Optimized links, sites, and posts with effective Search Engine Optimization will hopefully rank higher than your negative search results, ultimately suppressing them from the first page of Google.


Feel free to contact Negative Public Relations Experts, for a consultation, we will guide you and create for you the best available online reputation repair strategy to implement. 


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