How to Remove Newspaper Articles from your Google search results and the Internet

How to Remove Newspaper Articles from your Google search results and the Internet


If you want to remove online news articles about you , there are a few removal solutions .  One of the solutions is to sue the website for online defamation and for spreading fake news about you . But what happens if the article is based on real info coming a reliable source ?


In this case , there is no legal way to remove it . Cyber Experts has developed ‘technical’ ways to make new articles disappear from the Internet . 


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Most websites and major search engines, including Google, Bing, and Yahoo! have polices in place for voluntarily removing content from webpages and search results if given a valid court order declaring the content to be defamatory. Getting a court order requires filing a lawsuit. There are many important considerations to take into account when filing. Only a licensed attorney experienced in the area of Internet defamation can properly advise as to the risks, costs, and other considerations. If a valid court order is obtained that declares that the content is defamatory or should otherwise be removed, search engines and websites typically remove the content voluntarily. Court orders are used not only for injunctions to remove content, but also to prevent content from continuing to be reposted and to obtain monetary compensation and relief for the client.


There is a lot of misinformation out there about what can and can’t be deleted from the internet. While the current laws surrounding internet slander and internet privacy may seem complicated, there are some options people have to remove personal information from the web.

We understand how harmful negative online personal information can be for your image and your reputation. However, we also know how difficult it can be to remove that information. This is why we have developed proprietary removal methods; those that are necessary for fast and efficient online information removal and suppression.


It is important to note that every website and search engine has different requirements as to what constitutes a “valid” court order. Court orders must be drafted to meet the unique requirements and circumstances of each case. In many cases, content is authored or posted by individuals who are anonymous or cannot be easily identified or located. In instances such as these, getting a court order requires filing a lawsuit. Depending on the state where the lawsuit is filed, efforts must then be undertaken to uncover the identity of the anonymous author . Our experienced Internet attorneys and team of online investigative and forensic experts are highly trained in identifying and locating people, organizations, and other defamers that attempt to hide their identity.


Many people seem to have the wrong idea when it comes to how a negative post or personal information ends up online. While it’s easy to place blame on the search engines for the existence of such a post, neither Google, Yahoo or Bing have any real control over what is out there, nor can they initiate the process of information removal.

While a search engine is primarily responsible for facilitating access to information, it is third party sites and individuals that are responsible for posting and controlling such items. Since this is the case, you must go through these sites or, more specifically, their webmasters, to begin any such removal request.


Unfortunately, working with webmasters to remove harmful online information can be an often tedious, time-consuming and sometimes even fruitless endeavor. Without the right expertise and support at your side, you could be out of luck.


It is important to note that if a proper court order is not obtained, websites and search engines will deny removal requests. Therefore, it is imperative to work with a law firm that has experience successfully obtaining valid court orders of this type.



How to Remove Negative News Articles from Google Search Results?

Do you want to remove the #FakeNews about your company? 

We can remove permanently the negative news articles from the news websites. The legal process may takes about 120 days. The removals are Lifetime Guaranteed. 

We remove all types of Negative Content that people usually post on the internet to defame individuals or businesses.

  • Sexual Imagery or revenge porn that has been posted online without your consent

  • Personal information that has social security number or account numbers

  • Child pornography.

  • Negative reviews or links against your business etc.

Whether it is revenge porn posted by your partner to humiliate you or a nasty negative comment made on purpose by someone to ruin your online business reputation; negative content on the search results can be hazardous. It can have a deleterious effect on your life. Google search is the most used search engine and when you have negative information here then you need to take instant steps to have it removed. Here is how you can how to remove link from Google search Result.

If defamatory material is posted about you on the Internet and you know – or strongly suspect – who wrote it, you have several options.  First, you can contact the person and demand that they voluntarily remove the false statement(s). Often you will get no response. Depending on the perpetrator, this could also lead to additional statements – or your correspondence itself – being published.

I constantly remind my clients to be cautious in what they write in their emails or post on their social media accounts.  Anything that you put out into the Internet world can, and often will, be used against you in a way you had never intended.  Often a well-written letter from your lawyer is all it takes to have the content removed.

Another option – irrespective of whether the perpetrator is anonymous – is to contact the ISP, website or webhost directly to request that the statements be removed.  Of course, this usually is the first step if you cannot identify the person who posted the defamatory statement(s).  Always review the relevant website’s Terms to ensure that you understand its required procedure (if it has one), are sending your correspondence to the appropriate contact person, and, if relevant, are citing to a specific violation of that site’s Terms.  Depending on the website, webhost or ISP and depending on the content of the statement itself, this may result in the removal of the material or redaction of the worst of it.  Otherwise, there may be an automatic refusal to take down or disable access to anything without a court order.


At this point, you’re probably thinking that building a strong online reputation for your international business is no piece of cake. And you would be right. There are many factors to consider, many of which are out of your control. However, following these tips will be your ticket to success, and the right professionals behind your brand ORM will know how to tackle any issue and even foresee any potential disaster.


The best way to get the damaging web pages off the first page of search results in Google and other popular web engines is to get new pages that is positive about you (or even neutral on you) onto the first page of the web results, thus knocking the bad pages down so nobody is likely to see them.


This is an exercise in search engine optimization, only in this case you want to optimize any other page on the web that has your name in it and try to get it to outperform that negative page that speaks poorly of you (or your company, your product, your mom, or whatever).



There are two ways to do this: bumping up existing content in search results and creating new content.

In the first method, if there are already many pages that reference your name in a non-damaging way and those pages are currently not outranking the negative page in the search results, you need to figure out a way to bump those pages up in the search rankings.



To do this, you need to convey link juice to those pages. Web pages rise in the search engine results as they receive more inbound links. Links are equivalent to votes, so the more links, the more important the pages are perceived to be by search engine algorithms.



Let's say you have an profile page. To get that higher in the search results, above the negative page that is tarnishing your good name, you simply need to get more inbound links to that page. So, maybe you have a blog and you link to your profile from your blog. You get the idea.


If there are not many web pages out there that promote your name, then you need to work diligently to create those pages. For example, if you don't have an profile page, create one and write a few reviews. Then link to that page from your blog.



If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, create one. Again, figure out ways to get some links to those new pages so they get crawled and indexed by the search engines. The more links you get to those pages, the higher they will appear in the search results. Hopefully, before long, you will have many pages that rise above the pages that are damaging your online reputation.


Remember, reputation management is relevant even if you have not already been burned by a web page that damages your reputation. The best defense for online reputation management is a good offense.


As such, you should constantly be creating pages that come up in the search results when your name is searched and make sure that those benign pages do well in the search results. If you do that, when bad posts happen, they may effectively be a non-event.




Another good thing to remember is that you need to be careful with your interactions in this new era of fast-fingered Web posters. Be nice to people all the time, and you'll never get slammed on the web. Offer great customer service and you won't see posts that trash your company.


In future articles, we will discuss specific websites where you can create a page that profiles your name. Amazon and LinkedIn are just two of hundreds that are out there. We'll also talk about more places where you can get inbound links to pages that portray you in a good light.



There are a lot of delusions about online reputation management. People generally think that it is some kind of social media monitoring whereas some think that it has something to do with public relation and some have an idea about it at all. But in genuine terms, it can affect your business sales.



In today’s generation where from shopping to booking a dentist appointment, people do everything online, your business’s online reputation is an essential thing. For every business whether small or big, it is essential to understand that your business’s online reputation plays can impact your entire business. It is more important for the local business as people only trust you when they see reviews or you can say good reviews on your website. As per the report and survey, 94% of people get influenced by bad reviews on your website and they change their decision to buy your product or service from you. Here, in this blog, we will talk about a few steps or you can say a guide to online reputation management. With these steps, every business whether it is small or big will be beneficial.