How to Remove negative search engine results

How to Remove negative search engine results?

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Negative search results can be pushed down , and buried behind page two of Google , where anybody will ever see them again . This is possible but requires that the reputation management company will continue to work on it , 24 hours a day , without never stopping , otherwise the negative search results will bounce back to page one . can offer you this service , but we honestly believe that you do not have to become a lifetime paying client of reputation management services . is the first and only reputation repair agency that permanently removes negative search results from all search engines .


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Large businesses often provide great customer service, yet still end up with their search results full of complaints. This is, to a degree, unavoidable. No matter how hard you try to keep people happy there will always be some unhappy customers, and unhappy customers are more likely to share their experiences than happy ones.



All it takes is a few negative comments, and you can find that prospective customers get scared away. Get the negative search result taken down. If you need to bury negative Google search results, in some cases, you can, get the negative search result taken down directly. Remember, this won’t work in every case, but in some

it is step one to building an effective personal brand online.

How Reputation Management Works
Reputation management is a complex job that involves finding ways to improve the overall profile of a company, responding decisively to problems and negative comments, improving the overall presence of positive comments, and making sure that the properties that are controlled by the business are the top-ranked ones whenever possible

The wrong person doing the job can lead to serious issues, as it can make the company appear overly aggressive, or make it seem as if they are ‘review bombing’, astroturfing, or shilling, which is very much frowned upon.


Good reputation management is more cautious, and there are a few tactics which can be used: Have company profiles dominate the search results, so that those top

few positions are not open to negative reviews


Encourage people to leave reviews and ratings on your domain so that

you have control of the system

Actively seek, but don’t incentivize positive reviews and ratings

Act swiftly to respond to negative comments and resolve issues

Implement a strategy early before there are issues so that you’re in a

better position to respond to problems should they arise

Each of these tactics, in isolation, won’t have a huge impact but when you have a broader strategy in place that covers social media, blogs, your site, and

other channels it is possible to eliminate or minimize issues.

If you are not confident in your ability to handle these issues yourself, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to get your SEO efforts on track.


We are here to help you keep your business at the top of the search results, where it deserves to be. Deleted search results can be removed from Google with the remove outdated content tool. This tool is primarily used when the snippet of information about a site that appears in the Google search results does not match the current site content.


It’s also useful if the webmaster removed the URL, but it still appears in Google’s index. The search result is still archived. If you are lucky enough to have your content removed through emailing the webmaster directly, filling out a request form or through legal channels, it’s still likely that the negative search result will be archived somewhere and continue to show up when your name is searched.


Can you fix your Google reputation overnight?
The fact of the matter is, nobody can completely control Google results. If someone says that they can fix your online reputation overnight, RUN! In all likelihood, they are using black-hat SEO practices that try to trick search engines into quick, short-term results. While this may work for a week or two (at best), it is not a long-term solution.

The Facts About Removing Content from Google Search
The fact: apart from Google information removal policies, and apart from the information you want gone from Google search results being on Google’s own products/services. You are left alone at the mercy of these website owners who post and publish your details.

And not to mention the sharks, some are just as bad so called Online Reputation Management Services (usually promise you to remove the results) (which in itself is a lie for 99.99% Google search results). Because, online reputation management services must also adhere to Google policies. And perhaps just like you, they will contact the website owners who will usually ignore your email messages.

If you are unsure as to who owns the website your details are at, simply conduct a Whois search, and also note down as much details about the website hosting company (usually emails found with Whois search will reveal which company hosts the website online) (which you may actually contact if contacting the website owner doesn’t result in any response) (you may want to send a letter of abuse about the domain in question to the hosting company. Note that even if the web hosting company takes action, the website owner can easily find another web hosting company to re-put the same detail).

How to Remove negative search engine results