How to Remove Negative Reviews & Negative listings from Google

How to Remove Negative Reviews & Negative listings from Google


Negative reviews can be extremely dangerous for your business .  Potential new clients will check the reputation of your company on Google and will find the negative reviews very easily .


If you have negative reviews or reviews platforms like Yelp , Tripadvisor , Google Reviews , and more , it will be almost impossible to remove them , legally .


The Cyber Team of , developed some ‘unconventional’ methods , in order to take down negative webpages , and remove permanently negative reviews from all major complaints platforms .


If you wish to remove negative reviews , contact us for a free and confidential consultation , we will show you how it is done .


There are few cases in which a negative review will be deleted from major review sites. However, can help you minimize the damage and get your reviews back on track instantly. Our services are quick and proven to optimize your appearance on review sites, bringing future customers to your business.


If you find complaints about you or your business on one of the below websites and are interested in removing them from Google and other search engines, please contact us for a quick and effective solution. We’ve helped thousands of businesses get consumer complaints off of the sites below and deleted from Google.


While some consumer complaint sites will delete complaints and comply with upstanding businesses, others are reluctant to censor their user’s posts, and instead encourage business owners to submit their own public rebuttal of any false claims that are posted. If you’re trying to improve your Internet Reputation, one of the first steps taken should be becoming a member of all of the aforementioned sites, or hiring a firm that can act as your representative in doing so.


Negative reviews on Google can make you feel as though you are wearing a Scarlet letter everywhere you go. Feelings of shame over your first negative review are understandable. It should not serve as a time for hiding out in your closet. Bad reviews happen, to everyone. Your first 2-star review could be well-deserved, it might be competitor sabotage, but it is never the end of times. We always tell our customers here, addressing customer feedback head-on is the best way to strengthen and protect your online reputation.


  • Respond to the review

  • Reach out and ask if they still feel the same way

  • bad link removal

  • Request them to edit or delete their Google review

  • If It is a Fake review? Respond anyway — then ask Google for help

  • Flag the review

  • Respond anyway

  • Find ways to speed up the process

  • Amplify the positive — request for more reviews


Knowing what to do when you receive a negative review on Google can help you protect your online business reputation. Sure, there’s no simple or straightforward way to remove a review that could potentially damage your reputation. But following the tips and tricks above can prepare you for situations where you can benefit from having a review on Google deleted or edited.