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In this highly competitive age of information technology branding and reputation building are some of the most important factors in business. You products and service need branding and your brand need reputation.


Someone’s posted a bad review. A customer? You can’t imagine who would have a complaint with your establishment right now; things have been going well and all the feedback you’ve been getting has been positive. Then it comes to you: an employee you had to fire because he was always 20 minutes late for his shifts has posted something awful and untrue, posing as a “concerned customer.” It’s posted anonymously, but you just know in your heart it’s him. He claims you don’t let employees keep their tips, and that your restaurant is unsanitary. Has he broken the law by writing untrue claims? You don’t know. It’s a “heart dropping” moment – you know neither claim is true, but now it’s out there, on the internet.  In the restaurant business customer feedback is everything. In fact, customer satisfaction is the life blood of just about all businesses. Bad reviews can turn any kind of company from a busy hive of activity into a virtual ghost town.

But what can you do? It’s “out there” now, online, and anyone who looks up your restaurant is going to see it. Once it’s on the internet, there’s nothing you can do, you’re almost sure of that. But that’s not true; you can remove bad reviews, whether they are filled with legitimate complaints or they are just a forum for a crank, they can be combated.

But often in the time of branding some of your visitors or customers place wrong or negative comments on your website or in other social networking sites such as, facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. Yes it is true that your customers are valuable to your business and they are the generator or your future potential customers. But sometimes their unnecessary comments harm your business outlook as well as harm your products and services in this highly competitive online business world. It affects your business presence and reputation for a long run.


You can be worried about the negative comments which are flooded in the web. Due to the reason your website rank well fall on search engines search results. But you should look into the matter from an intelligent perspective. But you worry is over, we CNET Infosystem can help you out to remove negative comments from the search engines. At, CNET we can help you complete with best of best web solutions through blogging, content publications, by way of social media and more. This service sometimes called reputation building or reputation management. It works very closely with your online reputation that is examined and well proved.


Let’s set aside, for the moment, our example of the unhappy former employee. Let’s use the example of a dissatisfied customer. Does the review have merit? The first step for you is figuring out whether there is any cause for the complaints in the bad review. It’s human nature to reject criticism, but in business, criticism can help you learn how to make your company better. Read the review carefully. Ask yourself: is any of this true? Is any part of this accurate?


Once you’ve made that distinction, there are options available to you. If any of them cross the line into libel or slander, consulting a lawyer may be your best bet. But let’s hope it doesn’t come to that.


First, contact the site. Legitimate sites like Google and Facebook will usually act as promptly as they can to remove bad reviews. But remember: the law is tricky, and slander is often in the “eye of the beholder.” The bad review might stay, in which case you need to deal with it.


Go through it and isolate exactly what the complaints are. If a website won’t remove bad reviews, you have to combat it by demonstrating that either: a) it’s not true, or b) it’s not true any longer; you’ve corrected the shortcomings pointed out in the review. For example: a customer says whenever he’s in your restaurant, the coffee he is served isn’t hot, it’s just lukewarm. Be sure to correct that, then go online and invite the reviewer back to try a cup now. But don’t just correct the problem for that person; correct it for all your customers. Sooner or later, one will post a good review that challenges that former perception. And life goes on! Nothing reduces the impact of a bad review like the passing of time, and a ton of good reviews to counter it. So, even if you can’t remove a bad review, you can counter it – and that can be just as effective.


A happy customer is your business most authentic advocate, and the internet has given every customer a powerful voice. Consumers trust each other and their voice can strengthen your business credibility, drive purchase decisions and increase brand recognition through online reviews. How can a business achieve this? By simply asking. Ask in person, ask at the end of a sale, send a mail or text encouraging them to leave a feedback. Happy and satisfied customers are your best marketers and advertisers. They do it for free. Endeavour to ask your customers to leave a review on your business.


More so, a study conducted by Harvard Business School clearly shows how online reviews impacts your bottom line. Marketing your brand is important, but having people acknowledge your brand’s message and talk about your brand and business positively is an excellent way to enhance your message. Encouraging feedbacks – positive or negative helps your business, and in areas customers have expressed their displeasure, you can better improve.


Online reviews are here to stay and the earlier you take advantage of them, the better for your business and brand. Their significance cannot be over emphasized as they are important to customers and prospects, they also have a place in securing your online visibility in SEO. Take advantage of the online review system and maximize your business potential.


We really do not know how many times you have selected a hotel, motel or a restaurant, a doctor, a dentist or a solicitor based on online review. May be thousands of time or may be more than your imagination. We will help you to remove the impact which negatively effect on your business reputation. Our highly professional teams will much concern about the growing facts so you are sure to get an excellent service from our side. Lets us have a look what we will do for you.


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  • Our service reputation for your business is an excellent service, it is not only an online tool but also help your business to return backs the If any negative comments posted for your website from Google-owned sites, like Google Local Business Center, we will help you to remove these comments.

  • We will use Google public URL removal tool remove negative comments for your business sites.

  • We will help you to fight against negative reviews with positive reviews with tools and techniques.


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