How to remove fake news from Google

How to remove Fake News from Google? How to Remove Negative News Articles from the Web? 


A lot of people have had negative content about them or their organization published on the Internet. Generally, people display various level of tolerance to such scenarios.


For some, they just feel that it would slide with time and decide to ignore it. However, others attempt to immediately take measures to remove them knowing the depth of the effects such negative content could have on them.


There are two major ways negative content about you could get to the Internet. The first is that reputable journalists and blogs could pick up information about you.


When you are a celebrity, you are always in the spotlight of the media, any negative news about you could be observed by a journalist and developed into a story with or without pictures and videos.

A lot of journalists are more interested in negative news about individuals and organizations because such stories are juicier and bring higher traffic compared to good stories.


Thus, they are always looking out for bad news about you, they could even end up exaggerating the story. If your news gets to the Internet this way, the good news is that the journalist and the publishing website are responsible for such information.


Thus, if the information is false, you could easily sue them and probably get damages. As a result, they often try to make sure that any information they publish is true or at least, they can prove it to be true.


On the other hand, it is almost impossible to remove information about you from these types of websites. It is either they charge you very high or absolutely refuse.


Nevertheless, it is possible to get a court order to force them to remove such information from the Internet. Professional reputation management website could also contact such websites on your behalf and see the probability of convincing them to remove the information at a cheaper and faster rate.


The other way content about you could get to the Internet is through websites, these website allow anybody to post information on their forums.


This situation is more difficult because the website is not responsible for the content on its website, but its users. Furthermore, the fact that the user could post the content anonymously implies that you might not know exactly who posted the information, especially if it is false.


When the information is true however, you might be able to identify from the narration, the few people that are privy to such information. In this case, you could approach them to remove the information. However, they might bluntly refuse or even deny posting the information.


You will subsequently be left with the option of nicely approaching the website admin and trying to show that the information is false, pursuing a court case or using a reputation management company.


From the experience of several people who have had to use these different means to get their content removed, it has been proven that the use of reputation management companies provides the combination of the cheapest and fastest means of removing negative content about you from the Internet.