Do you really want to remove permanently your negative Google Search Results?


Google De-Indexing means that the negative search results are removed from Google, so that you that when someone will google you, they will stop to see the negative search results because they are not listed anymore on Google. However, please note that if they have the direct link to the webpage, they will be able to reach the actual website and read the information. 


We offer you the best ORM program in order to take full control of your online reputation.


You can choose to either remove the negative information directly from the source , it means from the website itself, or you can opt for a more convenient option that is the removal from your Google search results only. removes forever, bad press from the Internet and help you create a new

and brilliant reputation.


How to remove negative articles from Google? There are plenty of legal ways to choose from. All of them will clean up permanently your negative google search results. 


There are sites, that are government-owned (.gov), that are difficult to deal with and usually will not remove your records. In this case, there are hundreds of excellent methods that will help you suppress the negative content, behind page 3 of Google, where nobody bothers to check. 


There are then a lot of websites, that are owned by individuals or companies, and those ones are much easier to convince to remove the negative information about you. 


Cease and Desist letter, DCMA notices, Copyright infringement, Online Defamation: those are just some legal excuses to force removals. 


However there are cases where the website owners are stubborn and even if you propose them money, they will not remove the article, or post or court records. Even if presented with a court order, they will not bother to remove it. 


In those cases, we start to dig for negative information about them, about their family members, about their parents, about the closest friends and the moment we find a tiny piece of negative information about someone within their circle, we share this information in thousands of ways and explain to the website owners that they will have to personally experience the hard way,

what is the effect of a negative online reputation?


As long as we are just sharing negative information already published by a third party, nobody can ever claim that it is online defamation, but in fact, with a small piece of verified negative information, we can create tons of negative public relations content, that will destroy forever

the persons targeted. 


We use legal ways to force people to remove online information from their websites. But the methods we apply are extremely not ethical, very aggressive and lethal for the targets. 


We make sure that the owner of the website will remove the negative information from his site, otherwise, we will chase him for the rest of his life and the first mistake he will do, everyone will know about it. We never forgive and never forget.


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Negative Public Relations.  


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As the internet and Google grow ever more prevalent in our daily lives, the importance of an outstanding online reputation has never been greater. 


Today, businesses can live or die based upon their online reputation and it just a matter of a few negative reviews or consumer complaints, that can drive a company to bankruptcy. 


With the ease of access everyone has to the internet with smartphones and the fact that everyone loves to share information, especially is it is negative, this negative content is much easier to find than ever before and it can be the difference between a successful career and a failure in finding jobs, partners, clients, work, spouses, etc… with negative search results you are going under. 



We provide professional services and benefits that other law firms and reputation management companies can’t or won’t compete with. Our defamation lawyers have years of experience removing content from the Internet and assisting clients with online reputational crisis repair and management. 



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