Remove negative information from the internet
Remove negative articles from Google

How to remove negative content from google search ? If you have something you want to remove from Google, you came to the right page !  


If you notice an extremely bad review, a negative article , defamatory remarks, or other negative content showing up at the top of Google search results  , when you search for your name or business name, you might be interested to have it removed.


Removing a link from the internet permanently disassociates it with your brand name, and it makes sure no one will ever see it again .


We are experts in removing negative information from the internet. We will explain to you how to Deal with Negative Search Results and How to Get Rid of the Bad Press .


Please email us the links , to the negative search results ,you wish to remove permanently from .


The Cyber Team , will analyze the negative webpages, and get back to you , within a few hours , with takedown and removal solutions , including costs .


Removing negative content from Google is a must for every person or brand . You cannot afford to have on your Google search results , bad information that damage your online reputation.


Maybe you are not fully aware of the problem , but you are exactly what Google says about you .  People that never met you , will google your name because doing any business with you .  Just one or two bad articles , or reviews about your business , and you can forget about making business with those potential clients .


If you are a person and not a business , your situation is even worst , why ? Because they will never hire you , never date you , never sign a rental agreement with you …. Because after reading some awful content about you , they will prefer not to deal with you at all .


This is the problem of having negative content published about you online .


The Cyber Security Experts , developed sophisticated removal solutions  , for securing the takedown of negative content from the Internet .


Negative online content is a cyber threat to your company , it can destroy your business forever .  You can take actions and remove the bad information from your Google search results , contact us today , for a free and confidential consultation .

We remove all types of Negative Content that people usually post on the internet to defame individuals or businesses.

Sexual Imagery or revenge porn that has been posted online without your consent
Personal information that has social security number or account numbers

Child pornography

Negative reviews or links against your business etc.

Things are very sensitive especially when there is revenge porn associated with it.


Situations can get out of hand when the person who is facing revenge porn is a high status in the society. Handling such situations is quite tricky and you need experts to get rid of this problem. Besides we also take care of other negative content and bad links that are posted by people against your business.


We have an experienced team that will help you remove my name from google search and remove bad links from Google.

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