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How to remove negative blog posts from the internet ?


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Has your company’s online reputation been damaged by negative, false, or defamatory content on the Internet? Is the negative information ranking highly in the search results for a “Google” search of your company, product, or service? 


Given the democratic and anonymous nature of the Internet, it has never been easier to tarnish the hard earned reputation of a business online.


All it takes is one rant from an upset customer, a post from a disgruntled ex-employee, or an online smear campaign by a competitor to damage

a company’s reputation.


All of our team members are experts in their specific fields of work, from SEO to Social Engineering, we can do it all.


Below are some of the options you use to remove negative content from Google :


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Option 1: De-index the URL to get the negative links of Google search result

Option 2: Use copy-write law to remove negative content from search engine

Option 3: Use the EU privacy removal form to submit a personal information removal request


Internet reputation management is all about appropriate planning and implementing significant online procedures which will help build a positive identity for your company, goods, and solutions among internet users. In the event, your site’s reputation was tarnished in some way or it is essential to revive it if you would like to keep your foothold in the competitive world of business.


We have worked on the market for 15 years and have developed a deep knowledge of the inner workings of the internet. We have worked with more than 4000 companies on over 12000 projects, we know how to find solutions to any kind of online reputation problems.


6 Tips to move down your negative Search results

  • Setting up new social media profiles and making sure you’re active on all.


  • Write blogs and post excellent content.


  • Publish other media too like Info-graphic, video, GIFs, etc


  • Create quality links from authoritative websites that are relevant to your

  • content or web pages.


  • Publish expert advise in professional forums.


  • Leave comments on other websites within your industry.


The information we receive is sent directly to a secure server. Our process is organized in such a way, that only the specialist working on your project has access to the secure data. We have a strict confidentiality policy and have never had any issues of this nature.


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Can you get the negative story or listing removed from the internet?


If the negative story is on a site or web properties you control (such as Facebook, Twitter, Yelp) you can explore options to remove it but consider if responding to the issue is more effective than simply removing it.


You don’t want a backlash occurring because you removed a complaint. Again, having a plan and process is critical.


Google has provided a tool to remove listings that a brand does not like if they meet certain criteria – results they class as “irrelevant, outdated or otherwise inappropriate”.


If you think you can meet these criteria and progress with this option, remember this will not remove the article from the internet, just from search results: it can still be linked to and shared.


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The chief elements contributing to the success of almost any business organization is the belief and confidence clients have in your services and products. So maintaining a superb online reputation is crucial.


To attain this, you can count on trusted search engine advertising and positioning providers, that follow ethical methods to restore your reputation various administrative actions. We’re a well-established online reputation firm providing quality solutions for individuals and companies of all sizes.


If it is a newspaper result that is causing you issue, you can use relationships with a journalist or a blogger to help improve matters.


A good PR team will already have these relationships, through years of experience. Explore options for a follow-up piece with more positive content or interview where you can put your side of the story across or discuss what has been done about it.


Change that negative into a positive.


This needs to be balanced against the potential for increased negative feedback and remember that you won’t have 100% control over the final story. Sometimes it is simply a case of finding the webmaster and contacting them or offering a more positive press release that includes the domain name and business name.


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