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We help you eliminate #onlinedefamation, we help our clients permanently erase content from every type of website on the Internet, covering court records websites, online news websites, complaints sites, reviews sites, discussion boards, gossip news websites, blogs, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, cheater websites.

Deciding on the right online reputation management strategy (ORM) can be a challenge. All too often, reputation work is placed on the back burner until you're already in the midst of a scandal. At that point it's too late to take proactive measures to protect reputation because you're in the midst of an emergency.


But it's important to remain calm as you pinpoint the cause of the problem and develop (and follow!) an action plan to help lessen the impact.

The first step is to identify, and then solve, the problem that caused the negative feedback in the first place. This is important. Take some time to really analyze what happened, and determine how you can make changes to avoid that same situation ever happening again in the future. Address that immediately to avoid further complications down the road. Once that's been done, there is more work to do.


Suppression is a form of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) that involves building up and updating positive content in order to remove or suppress negative content

off of first page search results. 

A reputation problem or crisis often begins with a bad review, blog post, or article directed at an individual or business. These negative articles are easily connected to your name with a quick search on Google.

Search engines like Google are meant to help you answer any question with online search results that best match the keywords you use. Within seconds, Google will find the most accurate information to help you answer your question. 

What happens when a new customer, colleague, or hiring manager types your name or business into Google? If shocking results are the first results they see online, their ability to trust you will decrease drastically in a matter of seconds.

In order to “get rid” of Google search results, your key focus should be removing them from your first page of Google search results. Sometimes, removing unwanted negative search results is not an option due to freedom of speech. If the search results do not violate Google’s policies against prohibited and restricted content, your best option is to push negative search results down by creating new,

fresh content that far surpasses the negative results on Google.

The key lies within creating positive content in association with your name that

is more relevant, helpful, and truthful compared to the negative results.

As a rule of thumb, if the website is a shady, extortion oriented website, don’t contact the webmaster. They will just replicate the content. Contacting the webmaster rarely works but it’s still worth a try. This method can help you remove some negative results from Google and other search engines.

Here’s how to to remove negative articles from Google:

• Search and download all of the negative search results from at least 10 pages.
• Find the contact email of the webmaster. You can use the service to find this information
• Contact the owner of the site and request them to remove the negative page/content from their site


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