How to Remove Internet Shaming , Complaints, Reviews and Articles

How to Remove Internet Shaming , Complaints, Reviews and Articles



Internet slander and shaming is common these days; it affects millions of users each year, both individuals and businesses .

As online defamation can have devastating effects on your reputation, business, and livelihood, being defamed on any website or platform is cause for concern. However, there are five popular public shaming websites that you do not want to be listed on due to their popularity and potential to cause substantial damage to your reputation.


Shaming and Internet Slander , does serious, unwarranted damage to the reputations of countless  professionals and business owners ,  on a daily basis.


From cheater sites and blogs to review sites, comment sections,forums ,  articles and more, there seems to be no end to the number of online outlets and platforms that people have to levy anonymous attacks on nearly anyone of their choosing.


Online slander and shaming ,  remains both a fast and easy way to tear down one’s online reputation and, in some cases, to tarnish it for good.


When left  online, a slanderous or libelous post can do irreparable harm to your reputation, attaching itself to your name, brand and organization for months, even years to come. Cyber Team has developed advanced removal technologies that helps you take down , negative information from the internet and from all major search engines , including Google , Yahoo and Bing  .

The concept of publicly shaming individuals and businesses is not a new one by any means. Prior to the meteoric rise of user-generated content platforms in the early 2000s, widespread ridicule and shaming was highly contained, vetted and controlled by centralized editorial boards and publications. 

However, as the creation and free flow of information transferred to the hands of literally anyone with a smartphone or computer, public shaming began to manifest itself in new (digital) forms, such as:

  • Social media websites and applications;

  • Online bulletin boards and forums;

  • Consumer review websites and platforms; 

  • Gossip websites; and 

  • Other social networking websites.


While the above types of websites are not inherently malicious in nature, and in fact the opposite – promoting transparency and the free dissemination of information – they have been popularly weaponized due to their robust legal protections, lackluster user registration processes, and absent safeguards to screen content. 

So, what are public shaming websites? 

Online shaming websites are popular mediums for individuals or businesses seeking to craft a one-sided narrative about a person, product, or service. From disgruntled customers looking to drag a local business’s name through the mud, to aggrieved ex-spouses and lovers wanting to air their former partner’s dirty laundry, all the way to business competitors seeking to make a dent in a competitor’s star rating, public shaming sites are everywhere.  

Regardless of whether you think online shaming sites are a necessary safeguard to warn others  of unscrupulous and substandard behavior, or a downright cesspool for libelous and malicious internet attacks, they are here to stay. 

What you can do to better protect you or your business’s online reputation is acquaint yourself with the worst and most popular online shaming sites on the internet, so that you can take prompt action and prevent substantial damage should you find yourself listed on one. 


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How to Remove Internet Shaming , Complaints, Reviews and Articles