Nowadays more and more defamation sites are readily available. We also have different types of communication that can ruin someone's reputation within minutes. We now have blogs, cheater sites, social media, WhatsApp, Facebook, and the list goes one to revenge porn, bad reviews, etc. Removing these type of negative items becomes an art. Sometimes they are quick and some are a little longer.



A nude picture can become viral within minutes on social media. Imagine you spend years building up your resume, reputation and image then within minutes your reputation is down the drain. There are many different types of sites that defame like,,, cheater sites like,, online court records, Yelp reviews,,, revenge porn sites.
We remove negative content from Google faster than any other company. We also provide guarantees on all the work we do. Our process first starts by analyzing the link, how its affecting you and then apply our proprietary techniques that involve legal and technical to get the link removed. When items are removed we work on getting them completed removed from the source, then removing the outdated cache from Google.


Removals are always permanent. If any of the sites were to post again we would remove them again at no cost to you.

You should never pay twice for anything. We also work with search engines to properly remove the outdated content once it has been removed from the site. We make sure to remove all traces of it.


The age of the internet seems to take as much as it gives. It has provided people and their businesses a platform to showcase and share their work with the world and at the same time, it has also created quite the rift between virtual life and reality which means that we find it difficult day-by-day to separate real from fake. Right from fake news to hate comments and negative articles, search engines like Google are flooded with them. Now, one wouldn’t bother with these things unless they are on the receiving end of the stick and find negative articles about them and their business online.


It is essential to take the negative article seriously as it surely is and will be causing serious damage to the reputation in the long-term. Right from mud-slinging to fabricated lies and hate speech, all these things and many more come under the category of negative articles which means that one has a really tough and long battle to fight online if they wish to bring it to an end. Once again, easier said than done, we would like to focus on removing negative articles from Google and thereby working on online reputation management.


Ask Google for support; Google has a stringent customer policy that gives a very strong guideline about how users have to interact with other users and businesses online. This means if someone has tried to malign your name under false pretences then you can definitely take Google’s help and get things sorted. However, given the number of such things happening on a daily basis the request might be processed slowly.


You can also contact the webmaster of the site and ask them to take down the negative article as per their policy. However, in many cases, they ask you to pay up for the same and please beware of this as such sites are looking forward to duping you.


Taking legal action can be the next step to do but this step means you are ready to splurge quite the amount on everything that follows. Well, of course, if the damage done is too much then you must look for the requisite compensation from that person or agency. For this, you will require the professional help of an agency like us.


Understanding how Google works and how the use of social media campaigns can help you solve things easily is something that agencies try to do and which are often successful. For more guidance about the same, we at can help you with all the right solutions and online reputation strategies to get over this situation in a full-proof way.


You can also suppress the negative content by promoting positive content on your site; this will help you build quite the image too. There is so much more to this than what can be encapsulated in an article, for detailed guidance feel free to connect with us. We assure you to provide you with the best solutions for mending your reputation online.