Have you been arrested in the past and those records are popping up on Google, when people search your name ?


You can remove all your arrest history from the Internet. Today there are dozens of privacy laws that can be used in order to make sure that your criminal records will be removed from the Web. 


You can erase your criminal past from Google , permanently . Make sure nobody can read about different court judgements taken against you. 


The removal of criminal charges details from your Google search results are feasible . You do not have to compromise with your bad online reputation because you can clean it up and create a new positive image of yourself. 


Nobody needs to read about the mistakes you have done in the past , or learn about your criminal charges.  You have the full right to total privacy of personal information on the internet. 


How to remove criminal case judgements from the Internet? The process is quite aggressive, because if you think that by asking in a polite way, the various websites , to remove the articles and court records from their website , they will remove it, so you are totally wrong. They do not mind about you at all . They will never, ever remove it .


Why do they have to remove negative articles from their news website? They have ads running there. 


They make money from your negative news. 


Only if they get sued by Webcide.com Internet Defamation Lawyers, then they will understand that they are in deep legal problems and that they may lose a lot of money if a trial will take place.  Court fees are very high. 

So after we submit a lawsuit against the website owners and their partners, they usually decide to remove the webpages in order not to get to court and defend themselves. 


In court they will have to hire an expensive lawyer and prove that this is not a defamation case.  From our long experience in the field, there are no websites  ready to take this risk . Therefore they remove the negative information from their websites. 



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